Zamfara: Nollywood stars blow hot over killings in Nigeria, vow to drag sponsors to UN

On Wednesday, a lot of Nollywood Actors came to a conclusion that the massive killings in Zamfara State were Politically motivated.

The group, under the umbrella of Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars, which was lead by former President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Ejike Asiegbu at a rally held in Surulere, Lagos, requested that the senseless killings in Zamfara state which they claimed is sponsored by Political actors and cohorts should be put to an end.

Ejike Asiegbu also stressed that sponsors of these barbaric and wicked act to keep their weapons and embrace peace in the interest of mankind.

Ejike Aseigbu finally said Nollywood stars don’t mind taking this issue to United Nations if the government and politicians don’t strive towards stopping the senseless killings going on in Zamfara State.

According to Ejike Aseigbu: “We have watched the horror movie in Zamfara State and concluded that our politicians had thrown the sanctity of human lives to the dogs with the way and manner that have carried with their political activities which have resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and the destruction of properties.

“Consequently, the Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars in Nigeria would no longer fold its hands and watch politicians continue with their nefarious activities that have brought untold sorrow and blood to numerous families.

“The sanctity of human life must be respected by these politicians that have brought hell to families in Zamfara State.

“The worrisome aspect of the whole issue is the fact that these politicians have been dramatizing in public and on the pages of newspapers condemning the killings when in truth, the entire world knows they are the ones behind the senseless killing of innocent women and children because of their vested interest.

“The Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars in Nigeria is lending its voice to the global campaign to call the political elites to question on the continued killings in Zamfara state and other parts of North West Nigeria.

“It is indeed an irony that these politicians that were voted into office by the people have now turned their back against the people all in a bid to acquire political power and relevance, and also to enrich their pockets all at the detriment of the people and their host communities.

“Yes, we know gold is a precious stone, but to make the mistake of equating gold with human life is an anomaly that must be resisted by all and sundry in the interest of peace and tranquility in Northwest Nigeria.

“These gold miners are not spirits, they have names, and they reside amongst the people, and they have sponsors. But they must also realize that the same politicians sponsoring them to kill innocent people today can decide to turn against them and order for their elimination tomorrow.

“They must realize that human life is indeed precious than gold and as such the senseless killings must stop.

“The Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars have reviewed the situation critically in North West Nigeria and concluded that unless urgent and proactive measures are taken, the killings in North West Nigeria will not abate especially with the level of desperation exhibited by the politicians behind the carnage.

“We wish to state that this protest is by no means a joke or a flash in the pan, it should indeed serve as a wakeup call to the politicians behind the killings that the world is now fully aware of their nefarious activities and how they have placed a premium on gold over human lives.

“The Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Faces wishes to use this medium to call on the attention of the world to the plight of the people of North West Nigeria who have been severely battered and degraded by the same politicians they elected into office to better their lives, but instead they have added sorrow of unimaginable proportion to their lives.

“We also wish to send a strong message to Zamfara politicians that they must stop the senseless killings in their interest as the Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars is ready to take this campaign beyond the shores of Nigeria, down to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to ensure that justice for the innocent men and women that were wasted in their prime because of selfish interest and the lust for gold.

“It must be noted that this protest became necessary due to the fact that the security of lives and properties is not the job for only the military or the police, but all hands to be on deck with critical stakeholders such as the Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars coming out to raise awareness to the plight of the people of Northwest Nigeria.

“There is no doubt that our security agencies have been up and doing in the task of protecting lives and properties in Zamfara state and its environs. However, they still need our support in ensuring that peace returns to Zamfara state and its surroundings.

“We consequently call on the gold miners and the sponsors of these dastardly acts to sheathe their swords and embrace peace in the interest of humanity.

“We shall also spare no initiative to ensure that in the world over, nobody buys their blood-soaked gold which has become the basis for the senseless killings in Zamfara state and other parts of North West Nigeria.

“We have taken the pain to come out to voice our concerns in a bid to end the senseless killings and to also put the country and the whole world on notice about the acts of genocide been perpetuated in Zamfara state by politicians.”


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