Why Facebook Sucks These Days – Reasons To Delete Facebook

Facebook was supposed to be a peaceful space, where we share cute photos and get to know people. Now, with Facebook down and Facebook stock, it sucks! Check out my reasons why Facebook sucks these days?

It wouldn’t be out of place to say that approximately 95% of the world’s population is aware of Facebook. Facebook is fun and interactive.  Friends and Family can connect from around the world. This platform is one of the fastest-growing social media network made available.

Why Facebook Sucks
Why Facebook Sucks

It would be impossible for any online user is not familiar with the name Facebook. For many of us that have our lives on the internet, we can beat our chest to the acknowledgment that we have been Facebook user for years. However, there are still people out there that are new or probably haven’t come across it before. However, there are lots of reasons why Facebook sucks and is a waste of time. Have you ever wondered whether Facebook is dying? In this article, we will treat all of those reasons.

But first, let’s look at why Mark created Facebook in the first place.

How it all began?

Before Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, he developed facemash. With facemash, you can put two photos together online, one photo close to another and asked users to choose who they preferred. It was supposed to be a school project at Harvard.

So, because Harvard did not have any online student directories or picture books, Mark got 22,000 pictures online and got 500 views in a couple of hours.

This made him see a lot of potential in the social web, and so he created the Facebook we have today

Facebook is today causing gridlock with over 350million active users, an estimate of about 35million update their status on a daily base, and over 2 billion pictures are uploaded each month.

Mark launched the platform on 4th February 2004, and before long, Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at a young age.

Millions of people utilize Facebook today to advertise their businesses, share life stories, and experience and connect with friends all around the world.

However, with all the excitement that Facebook brings, many users have begun to lose interest and move on to other social media platforms.

Facebook is dying… or Not?

Apart from people moving to other networks, there are many more reasons why facebook sucks and why you should delete Facebook.

1.    Security

Lots of people are unaware of the insecurity Facebook brings when they open an account on this platform. You don’t need to avoid this social media platform; all you need to know is what to do and what not to do to keep yourself safe as well as your computer.

Facebook can boast of having over 350million active users, but how many of these users are secured and shielded from scammers, unwanted marketers, and prying eyes?

These amazing social networks had a hit when 15 privacy and consumer protection organizations laid reports with Federal Trade Commission charging that the site manipulates privacy settings making personal information available for commercial use.  So users might find their private chats accessible to everyone on their contact list. This challenge has made people wonders how safe this site can be.

2.       Everyone shares your information

Facebook is a young company that is still establishing… But with the number of top personalities on Facebook, the security of vital information is lacking. The potential for online criminal activities is on a high side here.

Victims of online fraud lose a lot of money to these fraudsters. If a user is not careful with their Facebook account, they are looking at the possibility of identity theft, assault, etc. with someone you would consider to be a friend.

Reports claim that the percentage of crime as concerning Facebook has risen enormously and is a severe threat. A recent discovery showed that this security lapses made it possible for users to read their friend’s private chats.

Though it has been tackled who knows where else there might be a breach in security?

Another recent report showed a hacker was selling Facebook usernames and passwords; of course, this was done to foster blackmail, theft and other social vices.

About 1.5million accounts were in his possession and that of his underground hacker’s forum which traded accounts for money.

Regularly, these hackers are exploring these millions of people and using their personal information to harm them. The worst part is, Facebook security is paying little to no attention to these issues and that is why Facebook sucks.

3.    No Privacy… Not One

Third parties can develop systems with ease to get your personal information.

For many users that like to play Facebook games like Farmville, etc. every time that is done, unknown to you, you authorize an application that is downloaded to your profile.

This application gives information about you that you never bargained for.  Another app, called Open Graph on Facebook is also guilty of the same thing.  Your profile information is shared among various third parties; these third parties have ideas about you, your interests, and whatever discussion you are having.

With Facebook as a marketing strategy to potential markets, information that shouldn’t be given out is sent in the cause of advertisement.

4.    Facebook needs a new design

Facebook is updated periodically, but the same setup remains and this is one of the reasons why Facebook sucks. And apart from the issues we have with the design, we even have more problems with the fact that once the update is done, user information will be set back to default.

Most people don’t know about this. I have had my personal number called by miscreants for this very reason. And what makes it annoying; Facebook won’t notify you about the development. You only discover it as I did or through the help of concerned friends.

5.       Anyone on your list can make you vulnerable to attack

You must know that your friend’s security is also your security. If you have a friend that was hacked probably because of a weak password, there is a high possibility for you to be hacked as well because unknown to you, you will be sent malware.

This is happening on a constant basis. A friend’s account will be hacked and would use that account to defraud your friends and families closest to you.  You might receive notifications from your “friends about help or money, which ultimately gets your money into the hands of fraudsters

6.    Fake news everywhere

Facebook is dying, and it might do so because of Fake news. Lots of people can post anything for attention. They can create viral posts that have even let to the death of some people around the world.

According to Business Insider Malaysia, Facebook is the most popular platform for fake news and unlawful political rallies. Even governments have manipulated the platform for their selfish reasons. A report from the University of Oxford revealed that over 70 different countries are guilty of this. Dylan Roof murdered nine people because of Facebook. About 31 people killed in 2017 in India died as a result of Fake News on Whatsapp and Facebook. And yet, Facebook says that it is our role to remove Fake news.

With all of this in mind, Facebook is not safe any longer. Guard your information. If you don’t want it shared, don’t post on Facebook. Don’ private lock it, it will get out someday. Be wary about any news on Facebook. And remember, Facebook is dying and why Facebook sucks. Whether Facebook will be revived or not, only the future can tell.  Guard your life, guard your information.

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