Watch Ric Hassani Shut Down Over 5000 Capacity Event Place In Honduras, South America

Nigerian musician, Ric Hassani is currently on a music tour of some selected African countries and south American and Carribean countries. After shutting down Mauritius in Africa, the talented and sweet-voiced singer.

During his show in the country, the talented singer was overwhelmed with what he saw. The large crowd screaming the artiste’s name and singing his songs words after words.

The artiste posted a video of how it all went down with a caption that preaches surprise, amusement, amazement and thrill.

He took to Instagram and wrote: “Unbelievable. Thank you Roatan for giving me this moment. You sang every song back to me, just unbelievable. Thank you God for being beside me. My manager, my team, & Heaven, we did it, we sold out! Thank You.”


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