Victoria Orenze Biography, Albums, Songs, Husband, Net Worth And Other Facts

Victoria Orenze is an upcoming multitalented artist who has decided to remain private and does not grant interviews. Here are fun facts about her.

Victoria Orenze Wikipedia and History

Victoria is a rapidly growing gospel singer, songwriter, recording artist and stage performer that is well known for her ability to bring the heavens down with her voice. She came to be noticed when she assisted Nathaniel Bassey in one of his songs which he titled ‘Alagbada Ino.’ Victoria believes in the true worship of Jesus Christ and that every Christian should believe in the Almighty God and the spreading of the gospel in every generation. She released her song titled ‘On Fire’ sometime after she assisted Nathaniel Bassey with his song. The song was well received by the audience and every Christian mind, it was seen as a revival song.

Victoria Orenze started as a backup singer in her church before moving up to leading worship and praises. She then started out writing her own song lyrics. In every song, she endeavors to make her message clear.

Victoria Orenze is also known for her ability to lead worship sessions in various circles where she is invited. In December of 2016, Victoria organized a Christian concert which she called ‘Return.’ The concert moved and illuminated the minds of the audience and others who watched the clips of the concert were touched.

Victoria Orenze uses her voice to draw souls unto God, showing anyone that listens to her that God is the right way.

Victoria Orenze has collaborated with many other gospel artists such as Frank Edwards, Praize, Nathaniel Bassey, Sammie Okposo, and Sinach.

Victoria Orenze Albums:

  • Hail Jesus
  • Return

Victoria Orenze  Songs

  • On Fire
  • Covenant Keeping God
  • Invade Me
  • Brooding
  • I Want to See You
  • Draw
  • Emi Mimo
  • I Thirst for You
  • The Presence
  • Alagbada Ina
  • Only the Living
  • Faithful God
  • Oh the Breath
  • Holy
  • Great and Mighty
  • HeartCry
  • I Proclaim You
  • We Bow Down
  • We Hail You
  • Extraordinary (Snippet)
  • OH Holy Night

Victoria Orenze Husband and Marriage

Victoria is very private about her personal life and does not put her information on Social media, so not much is known about her. Therefore there is not much known about her with regards to marriage or a husband.

Victoria Orenze Awards

Victoria has been nominated for many awards since coming into the gospel music scene, she was nominated in the song of the year category in the CLIMA Awards 2018 for her song ‘On Fire’, also the song she assisted in; ‘Alagbada Ina’  was nominated in Africans Gospel Music and Media Awards AGMMA 2018 in the Song of Excellence category.

Victoria Orenze Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $250,000

Victoria Orenze Video


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