What turns me off as a celebrity – Amaka Obi

Amaka Obi, also known as ‘Miss Endowed’ who is a Nollywood actress in some quarters is of the opinion that people always look out for loopholes and mistakes of celebrities just to make stories out of it and spread rumors.

While in an interview with Potpourri, Amaka Obi said that people expect celebrities to live perfectly without faults, forgetting that celebrities are also human beings.

“What turns me off as a celebrity is the fact that people expect too much from you. They look forward to your mistakes so they could create a story out of it, forgetting that we are humans too. I also feel bad about the competition, the aliases, and the politics in the movie industry. Acceptance is what I love; people should start seeing us as who we really are,” the actress said.

Speaking further, the Nollywood actress who became known for her backside advised that upcoming actresses should not concentrate their efforts on using their physical looks to give their career a push, but should rather work hard and strive towards becoming focused.

“Your body part shouldn’t be your focus if you want to have a good career. You need to work hard and be focused. And yes, flaunt what you have, but be classy with it. That’s just my opinion,” the actress noted.


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