Tonto Dike: Actress reacts to reports of her vowing not to marry Igbo

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dike recently denied reports reaching to her saying sh is not going to marry an Igbo man.

Few years ago, the popular script writer, Tonto Dike was described to say that she cant settle with any Igbo man as she views them as very ‘noisy’ people.

Following the crashed marriage between her and her ex-husband, Churchill, The supposed statement she made has resurfaced online. We believe the statement resurfaced online due to her recent comment with her ex-husband.

On Monday morning, Tonto Dike took to Instagram to deny ever making such comment against her Igbo brothers She further explained that she had not yet opened a facebook account when such statement was made.

She wrote, “I have heard and read a couple of times about this topic and I am actually totally shocked at this!

“I have never granted an interview saying such nonsense, I’m pratically from Igbo!

“I only just joined Facebook few years ago also I made a disclaimer 8 years ago on Twitter about this issue.

“Also as said by the invisible Tonto that I was raised by a poor father and had to sleep under bridges to make a living! Too bad.

“That’s far from my case. I came from money and lived an average childhood with everything I ever needed at my feet, went to the best schools in my community!

“Don’t get deceived by the media. If I said it, I will boldly stand to it.

“No media house can make claim to this interview. So please, my people these are not my words. Enough is enough.”


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