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Taylor Hicks is an American singer and television personality who won the 5th season of American Idol. We will go on to unveil Taylor Hicks net worth and everything else surrounding his successful career as a musician and television personality in this article.

Taylor Hicks got his start as a professional singer in his teenage days and performed his songs around parts of  United States for over the period of ten years, during which he independently released two albums. Upon winning the American Idol in it’s 5th season, he signed a record contract with Arista Records where his self-titled label debut was published on December 12, 2006.

Taylor Hicks Biography

Taylor Hicks Net Worth
Taylor Hicks Net Worth

Taylor Reuben Hicks was born on October 7, 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama United States. His parents are Bradley Hicks and Pamela Dickinson. His family relocated to a suburb of Hoover at the time he was eight years old. When he was 14 years old his hair started turning gray. He has a half-brother, Sean, who convinced him to go audition for American Idol.

Taylor Hicks bought his first harmonica for $2 when he was 16 years old and taught himself how to play blues harp . When he was 18 years he wrote his first song which was titled In Your Time, and taught himself how to play electric guitar and church organ at 19.

Educational History

Taylor Hicks attended Hoover High School from where he graduated in 1995. He played varsity baseball, basketball and soccer, while studying in high school. After high school he proceeded to attend Auburn University where he got a major in business and journalism.

Taylor Hicks Career

We can conclude that Taylor Hicks career as a musician started at a very early period in his life as a young child. According to his grandmother, he never took any lessons for music. He came up to her one day when he was around twelve years old saying, “Grandma, you have to hear this!” Then he sang the song of Otis Redding titled Try A Little Tenderness for her. Taylor Hicks started playing a guitar and a harmonica or harp when he was still a child, writing songs even before he made it to college. Before graduating he left college and went to Nashville for a period of nine months in order to pursue a musical career. He has played in a number of venues around the United States, even played a few nights at the Playboy Mansion.

Taylor Hicks as a singer-songwriter is the 5th season winner of the popular American talent show called American Idol or AI. Credits to this achievement, he was the first ever winner of the competition to have secured a long-time residency in Las Vegas. He began in Bally’s Las Vegas in June 2012 and later  moved to Paris Las Vegas. He has also released two albums, as well as earned the chance to perform his music in the production of Grease where he played the role of Teen Angel, a role originally played by Alan Paul. As a teenager, the young Taylor Hicks was able to Organize a devoted group of fans called the Soul Patrol.

Taylor Hicks Net Worth
Taylor Hicks Net Worth

Taylor Hicks began his professional career in the world of music back in his late teens. He performed his songs all around the Southeastern parts of the United States for about ten years. After he won the Idol, Arista Records signed the young singer and enabled him release his self-titled big label debut in December 12, 2006. His musical influences include Classic rock, R&B, and also the blues even making his fan base bigger as he cut through these major genres. In March 2009 he released The Distance which came on with his first ever single
What’s Right Is Right. Later on he released his second single Seven Mile Breakdown, and has continued to tour and perform his music around the United States.

As a talented winner of the 5th edition of the American talent hunt show known as American Idol, Taylor Hicks net worth and fan base reflects his image in the music business. His fans globally are known as the Soul Patrol, and be continues to serve them the wonderful sounds for which he is best known for.

Taylor Hicks Relationship, Wife & Children

The talented singer was said to have been romantically involved with Caroline Lyders, who is the morning co-anchor of the weekday version of Milwaukee’s ABC affiliate WISN 12 News This Morning. The relationship between the pair was not clear for they have never said nothing about it. Therefore, we may conclude that he is currently single.

Taylor Hicks Net Worth

Mr. Taylor Hicks is a wealthy singer and businessman. They primary sources of his wealth include the profits made from sales of his music and from tours and performances, and also from business ventures. Taylor Hicks net worth is pegged at $2 million.

How he makes his money

Asides earning most of his money as a musician and performer, the man has made himself busy by launching a ORE Drink and Dine restaurant somewhere in Birmingham. His venture has been voted for as the Best New Restaurant by the Birmingham Magazine readers in the fall of 2011.

Taylor Hicks is a big fan of American muscle cars. He owns a house at The Oaks and also co-owns Birmingham restaurateur. His property on Goose Pond Island at a lakeside community known as The Oaks, which he acquired one year after he won the 5th season of America Idol is reportedly worth a huge fortune. On this said piece of property, one will find a boat launch, a clubhouse, two marinas, gated access, and unbelievable views.

Taylor Hicks simply deserves the best of this world, and his successful musical career and business is easily giving him all he deserves.


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