Be sure of the sexuality of your partner – BB Naija’s Leo Da Silva advises

Leo Da Silva who is Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate recently got internet users debating after he took to his Twitter handle to tweet that couples should know their partners’ sexuality before they finally decide to start the lifetime journey together.

Leo Da Silva who seemed quite bothered about the topic stated that he is in no way trying to promote pre-marital sex as there are many ways to get to know someone without having to have sex.

According to him, potential couples tend to ignore some warning signs and this leads to problems when they finally get married. But to ensure that everything is in place, potential couples need to be on the look out to be sure of the sexuality of who they are planning to settle down with.

Ex-BBNaija star wrote on his twitter handle, “Before you get married, be sure of the sexuality of your partner. I’m not trying to promote sex before marriage or anything like that. If you want to fornicate or not, that’s between you and your God.”

He further stated that he is trying to advise them on the importance of knowing your partners sexuality stressing that while we get to know them, one should not ignore that aspect as we should watch how they respond to things, such as same sex and other minor things.

He concluded that if possible, we look at what catches their gaze, we should pay great attention while stressing that we don’t need to sleep with someone before we know those things.


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