Steve Jobs Biography & Net Worth

Steve Jobs Biography

Celebrated Name: Steve Jobs
Birth Name: Steven Paul Jobs
Birth Date: February 24, 1955
Birth Place: San Francisco, California, United States
Death Date: October 5, 2011 (56 Years Old)
Cause of Death: Neuroendocrine Cancer
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft 2 inches
Weight: 70 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse (Name): Laurene Powell (1991 – 2011)
Children: 4
Dating(Name): N/A
Profession: Industrial designer, business magnate, investor and media proprietor
Net Worth: $10.2 billion
Last Updated: March 2020

Steve Jobs was an American industrial designer and business magnate. Before he passed away, he was the Chief executive officer (CEO), chairman and co-founder of Apple incorporation. As at the time he died, Steve Jobs net worth was approximately $10.2 billion. Additionally, he was the chairman of Pixar, founder, CEO and chairman of NeXT and also a member of The Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs is one of the pioneers of the computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s alongside Steve Wozniak.

In 1976, he and Wozniak founded one of the most successful microcomputers. They first came together to sell the Apple I personal computer, and then the following year, they sold the Apple II. They worked together, creating different new versions of their system until 1985 when Steve was forced out by John Sculley after a long power struggle. He left Apple and then founded NeXT, another computer platform which specializes in the computer for businesses and higher education. Jobs became the CEO of Apple in 1997 after the latter acquired the former. Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy but he helped to revive it. He worked together with Jony Ive and together they developed products such as iTunes, Apple Store, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and the iTunes Store.

In 2003, Steve Jobs was diagnosed of neuroendocrine tumor and then died on the 5th of October, 2011 due to respiratory failure.

Steve Jobs Childhood

Steve Jobs birth’s name is Steven Paul Jobs, and was born on the 24th of February, 1955 in San Francisco, California. His birth parents are Joanna Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandil. Jandil met Joanne in the University of Wisconsin. Joanna’s parents were not in support of her dating a Muslim so they threatened to cut her off if she continued the relationship. In 1954, Joanne found out she was pregnant with Steve and according to his birth father, Joanne never informed him. She moved to San Francisco to have the baby without informing anybody.

After she gave birth to baby Steve, she gave him to a catholic and wealthy couple for adoption. The couple changed their minds later and handed Steve to another couple, Paul and Clara Jobs who did not have any college education. However, Joanne did not sign the adoption parents and she took it to court because she wanted her son with another family. After legal deliberation and a promise from the Jobs to give the baby a college education, she let them adopt Steve. Years later, talking about his parents, Steve Jobs said he felt blessed having them and did not want them to be called his adoptive parents. Furthermore, the billionaire said his biological parents were nothing more than his “sperm and egg bank”.

Steve Jobs Net Worth 2020
Steve Jobs Net Worth 2020

In 1957, Steve had a sister, Patricia through adoption and their family moved to California. As a child, he was a difficult child and did not function well in a traditional classroom. He misbehaved a lot of times and was suspended a few times. He attended Monta Loma Elementary School where he said he played pranks on others. Then when he got to Crittenden Middle School, Steve was a victim of bullying and he became a loner. The family had to move to another district and environment that was mostly dominated by engineers. In 2013, their house was called a historic site as it was the first site of the Apple computer.

Steve Jobs Career

The major source of Steve Jobs net worth is his career as a designer. In 1974, he returned to his parent’s house and began to search for a job. His first job was at Antari Inc as a technician. Then 2 years later, the design of the Apple I was completed by Steve Wozniak. Steve was the one that gave it the name “Apple” and he suggested they sell the design.

Then on the 1st of April, 1976, Jobs, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the Apple Computer Company in Jobs’ home.  The primary founders were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and they were both running it even after Wayne left. That same year, a retailer paid $500 for 50 units of Apple. They produced almost 200 Apple I and it was very successful. Then the success led to even a bigger one with the production of Apple II.

On the 24th of January, 1984 Steve Jobs launched and introduced Macintosh to people at Apple’s shareholder meeting. It was well-received by the audience and even had powerful sales at first. However, the sales started declining due to the computer processing speed and range of software that was available. The following year, he was forced out of Apple because of the failure of the Macintosh. Steve did not give up after this. He rather started building NeXT, another computer company, and the Pixar Animation Studio.

Then, in 1997, Apple bought NeXT for about $427 million when the company was almost collapsing that Steve Jobs introduced the iMac. This was the secret behind Jobs billionaire status. He was the one that introduced powerful creations such as iTunes, iPod, iPhone, AppleWatch, AppleTV, and so on. Another source of Steve Jobs net worth is Pixar as he became the biggest shareholder of the company.

Age, Weight, and Height

Steve Jobs was born on the 24th of February, 1955 and he was 56 years as at the time of his death is 2011. He is 6 ft 2 inches tall and weighs 70 kg.

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Steve Jobs net worth as at the time he died was about $10.2 billion dollars. He made a huge amount of his wealth from his amazing and powerful creations. In 1976, Apple generated $175,000 as revenue. It kept growing and became $2.7 million the following year. The turnaround came after Apple went public in 1980 and generated $117 million in sales. Most of the employees there at that moment became millionaires including Jobs.

Then he became a billionaire after introducing the iMac to the world. Steve Jobs is a legend and has given the world some of the most powerful microcomputers. In 1978, he was worth $1 million and he was just 23 years old at that time. By the time he was 25 years, Steve Jobs net worth was about $250 million. When he died, Jobs owned 139 million Disney stock shares and 5.5 million shares of Apple.

Personal Life

Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan both have a child named Lisa together. But he didn’t take responsibility for the child at the beginning. After he was kicked out of Apple, he apologized and started spending time with his daughter. When she was nine, he changed the name on her birth certificate from Lisa –Brennan to Lisa Brennan –Jobs. He and Chrisann began to co-parent their child.

Jobs adoptive mother, Clara was diagnosed with lung cancer and died when he was 31 years old in 1986. After her death, Steve reconciled with her birth mother, Joanne Schliebe. She apologized to Steve for putting him up for adoption and said she regretted it. They both reconciled and even until Jobs death, they both spent Christmas together. However, he found out that he also has a sister named Mona Simpson as Joanne later got married to Jandali. He and his sister developed a close relationship.

The billionaire met Laurene Powell at Stanford when he was giving a lecture. He proposed to her on the 1st of January 1990 and they got married on the 18th of March, 1991 in a Buddhist ceremony. They have three children together, Reed who was born in 1991, Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1988. He lived in Palo Alto, California with his family. Paul Jobs, Steve’s father died on the 4th of March, 1993.

Steve Jobs Death

Steve died on the 5th of October, 2011 from a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. The tumor led to respiratory arrest. He was surrounded by his wife, children and sister when he passed away. He was first diagnosed of the disease in 2003. According to doctors, he could have lived longer, if he had sought medical treatment when it was earlier detected. Jobs rather opted for another type of treatment he found online and started taking treatment nine months later.

He was buried in an unmarked grave on the 7th of October, 2011 in a private ceremony.


The creation of Apple Inc and Pixar contributed greatly to Steve Jobs net worth. This post talked about his career development, personal life, and death. There is no doubt that the world will continue to miss this great inventor.


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