Sondra Locke Biography & Net Worth

Sondra Locke Net Worth came as a result of the passion and zeal of the actress in the entertainment industry. She was an actress, director, and talented singer. She was a charismatic performer with a lean but tough look who starred alongside Clint Eastwood in hit films like The Gauntlet, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Bronco Billy, and Every Which Way But Loose. Let’s go on to highlight Sondra Locke Net Worth, Biography, Career, Achievements, Marriage, Children, and every aspect of the Life and Death of the Oscar Nominee.

Sandra Locke Biography

Sondra Locke (Sandra Louise Smith) was born May 28, 1944 in Madison, Alabama, United States. She was the daughter of a military man, Raymond Smith, and his wife Pauline Bayne. Her father departed the scene before her birth. In 1945, her mother married William B. Elkins, and they had a son, Donald, the following year. Their union only lasted for a short while before it ended in divorce. In 1948, Pauline Bayne remarried Alfred Locke, who bestowed his surname on Pauline’s son and daughter and raised the family in Tennessee. Sondra Locke’s stepfather was a carpenter while her mother worked in a factory.

Sandra Locke was a cheerleader in high school and graduated from Shelbyville Mills’ 1957-1958 eighth grade class. In High School, Her best friend was fellow classmate Gordon Anderson. He shared many of her hopes about the future and collaborated in devising ways to make their líves in Shelbyville more magical. One of their frequent activities as friends was to make home movies using Gordon’s Super 8 camera.

Sandra Locke Net Worth 2020

Sandra Locke Net Worth at the time of her death was estimated at $20 million.

Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020
Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020

Sondra Locke net worth is not the highest in the ranks of wealth in today’s entertainment world, but if you read on, you will probably understand why the talented film star’s net worth is pegged at what it is.

Sandra Locke Career, Life, Marriage, Relationships

Sandra Locke net worth was earned from her life-long career as an actress and also as a film producer. Her journey began in 1962 when her best friend Gordon Anderson enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University, Sondra enrolled there too. Upon the completion of freshman year, she had a blowup with her mother which made her leave home, and did not return to the University. Instead, she took up work in Nashville serving as a promotions assistant for a television network, WSM-TV, while occasionally modeling and doing voice over work. She also started acting in community theater as a part of Circle Players Inc members. Along the line she dated George Crook who was a cameraman from WSM, and then Tom Grissom, head of the television station’s public relations department.

Her best friend Gordon Anderson had opened up to her that he was gay. He moved to Manhattan in order to study acting and had a lover there for a while. Although he was talented, he was not focused about his theater craft and eventually moved back to Tennessee. Because of Sondra Locke’s spiritual kinship with Gordon Anderson, they both decided to wed. On September 25, 1967 the mixed-orientation couple were wedded at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville. If her husband was unable to launch his own career in acting, he had no problems helping to ignite hers. He learned that the Warner Brothers company was holding a search for a young actress to take a key role in the 1968 TV adaptation of Carson McCullers’ book The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Armed with this information, he helped Sondra Locke research the part of Míck. For the audition, he bleached her eyebrows, bound her bosom and fixed her hair, makeup and dress so that she would instantly wow casting agents. Their plan was a success, and after several callbacks, Sondra Locke was hired. The film when released in the summer of 1968, earned reviews from critics, and Sondra was nominated for an Oscar for her sensitive portrayal. This was the beginning of Sondra Locke net worth accumulation.

Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020
Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020

Next, Sondra Locke moved to Los Angeles in the company of her best friend Gordon. With no big projects forthcoming, the actress settled for smaller projects including Willard (1971), Cover Me Babe (1970), A Reflection of Fear (1972) and a small list of others.

For half of the 1970s, Sondra Locke and her husband resided at Andalusia condominium complex while seeing other people. The actress was involved with Bruce Davison, and Bo Hopkins. Her fortunes changed in June 1975, when she received a career changing offer from Warner Bros. She was offered  the part of Clint Eastwood‘s romantīc interest in the 1976 film The Outlaw Josey Wales. Although it was a minor role, Locke took it upon the realization that Clint Eastwood would attract large audiences and this could further expose her career. Early in October 1975, the pair of Locke and Eastwood fell for each other on set in Page, Arizona.

The film The Outlaw Josey Wales was a hit, with the actress sparking a flurry of interest among viewers as virtually nonspeaking eye candy. Even at that, she stopped pursuing her career on her own initiative and assumed wifely duties, making appearances on the big screen only in Eastwood-controlled projects thereon.

The next few years saw Sondra Locke have two abortions from her involvement with Eastwood. She underwent a tubal ligation in 1979 to prevent any further pregnancies. She and Clint moved into a $1.12 million mansion which she spent months decorating and renovating while believing it would be hers forever. She never divorced her husband Gordon so they continued to spend platonic time together even while he kept on moving in and out of homosexual relationships.

Sandra Locke and Clint Eastwood teamed up for movies including The Gauntlet (1977), Every Which Way but Loose (1978), Any Which Way You Can (1980), Bronco Billy (1980) and Sudden Impact (1983). All were big hits and performed well at box office, as well as cemented the partners as filmdom’s most visible couple.

Although Sondra Locke had a few other roles in other films, she found herself, for the most part, sitting by the sidelines waiting for Clint Eastwood to cast her in something.

Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020
Sondra Locke Net Worth 2020

Around the mid ’80s, the actress, over 40, was quite aware that in acting terms her days as a leading lady were coming to an end. For a long time she had been interested in directing films and had keenly observed how Eastwood and others directed the films she was in. With the blessing of Clint Eastwood, She made Ratboy (1986), a film which despite good reviews, received scant distribution.

In retrospect, Sondra concluded that her exertion of authority over the project caused her longtime paramour to turn away from her and found someone more compliant. (In an unpublicized affair with stewardess Jacelyn Reeves, Clint Eastwood sired two legally fatherless children born in 1986 and 1988, — an “evil betrayal” Locke was ignorant of.)

The clash between the actress and her partner took place on December 29, 1988 during their winter retreat in Idaho. After an unpleasant screaming tournament, Eastwood suggested Sondra return to Los Angeles without him. The actress  sensed their relationship had passed the point of reconciliation, a fact further buttressed when she scarcely saw Eastwood in the following months.

On April 10, 1989, while Sondra was directing Impulse (1990), Clint Eastwood went on to change the locks on their house, as well as ordering that her possessions be packed up. A letter which was  addressed to “Mrs. Gordon Anderson,” was delivered to the doorstep of her lawful husband, imperatively telling her to not come home. When Gordon phoned Sondra while she was on set and read her the letter, the actress fainted dead away in the presence of the cast and crew.Sixteen days afterwards she filed a palimony lawsuit against her domestic partner of fourteen years, seeking unspecified damages and a division of the property they had acquired during their relationship. Sondra Locke asked for title to the home they had shared, and also the Crescent Heights place where Gordon lived, purchased in 1982 by Clint Eastwood himself. Before any court decision was made, a private settlement was agreed upon by both parties.

For her settlement, Sondra Locke received the Crescent Heights Property, $450,000, and a $1.5 million multi-year development-directing pact at Warner Bros. In return, the actress dropped her suit. Around this time, she had been diagnosed with cancer, undergone two mastectomy, and chemotherapy.

In 2001, she sold her Hollywood Hills home and move somewhere else in Los Angeles. After flings with producer Hawk Koch and Robert Shriver, she had a live-in relationship with Dr. Scott Cunnen who was one of the physicians who had treated her during her cancer siege.

Sandra Locke Аwаrdѕ & Асhіеvеmеnts

Ѕаndrа Lосkе has no асtuаl аwаrdѕ tо hеr сrеdіt. However, hеr асtіng skills and dedication to the big screen саn bе аdеquаtеlу measured bу the fасt thаt ѕhе wаѕ nоmínаtеd fоr the Golden Globe Awards, the Асаdеmу Аwаrdѕ, аnd the Lаurеl Аwаrdѕ, all fоr hеr vеrу fіrѕt film, Thе Неаrt Іѕ а Lоnеlу Нuntеr. Sondra Locke net worth was greatly influenced by this factor which also made her more famous in the entertainment world.

Sandra Locke Death

After appearing in a small list of films, Sondra Locke died at age 74 on November 3, 2018. Her cause of death was cardiac arrest which stemmed from metastatic breast cancer. According to her death certificate, her cancer returned in 2015 and proceeded to spread to her bones.

The remains of Sondra Locke were cremated at Westwood Víllage Mortuary and the ashes were entrusted to Gordon Anderson, her husband of 51 years.

She will probably be long remembered for her active roles in some of the most beloved works of Clint Eastwood, and perhaps dichotomously, as a pioneer for the rights of independent working women.



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