17 Signs That You May Not Be As Healthy As You Think You Are

Signs that you are not healthy or may be facing challenges always show up but most often we fail to notice. This article highlights some of these signs.

We are often unaware of the germs around us as well as the garbage we shovel down our throats into our tummies. We keep ignoring the feelings of going to the gym to burn off some calories. Even when there is this voice in our head trying to tell us to lose these extra calories, we keep ignoring. According to research, you should consider listening to your body, it is better now, than later. Being overweight is the first indicator of unhealthiness, but it goes beyond this, there are other subtle signs that even if you do seem in shape, may mean that you have some serious health issues.

Signs That You Are Not Healthy


  1. Bad skin

Your Skin is a sure indicator of the status of your health, it is often seen that some people struggle with Skin problems but usually this goes beyond the surface of your skin, to a greater problem deep beneath the surface. Poor diet has been known to bring about the development of Acne, Blemishes such as Stretchmarks has also been linked to unhealthy habits.  Although they are not completely to be treated as major sources for information, a major look out of your skin, will help you improve on your health.

  1. Sleeping problems

If you can’t fall asleep?, Then it surely means that there are certain areas of your life that require transformation. Maybe you think a lot, take in too much Caffeine or eat late. Make sure to watch out for all these factors in your life, so you do improve on it and develop better sleeping patterns.

  1. Bathroom problems

Those stuffs… you know…. from your body may also be a strong indicator of the different happening deep down within your body system or signs that you are not healthy. You may need to take note about the colour of your Urine, normally it should be a very pale yellow colour and odorless as well. You should consider making sure that you visit the toilet frequently to dispel of this substance. Sometimes change in the color may be attributed to Stress, hormonal changes and so much more but more often it is actually a problem with your Vitamins level.

  1. Cracked Lips

A strong deficiency in nutrient may also result in you having to rely on lip balm to make sense of moisture on your lips. Your chapped lip may mean that you do have some deficiency in Vitamins and that means you should consider building your meal plan to a much better upgrade.

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  1. Bad fingernails and toenails

Did you know that your nails are perfect indicators about your health?, Well, they are, even if your lips may be chapped due to weather conditions, your fingernails and toenails may tell when you do lack nutrients such as Protein in your body system. Be on the lookout for situations such as bumps, discoloration, and ridges. Therefore, as a Woman, you probably should not always layer up some polish, you may miss some signal.

  1. Body temperature fluctuation

Consistently feeling a bit Iced out around the feet and hands are not normal no matter how much the weather may have a play in it. This may be a sign of cardiovascular problems and are signs that you are not healthy. Having cold hands or feet could be as a result of circulation issues and that your body isn’t getting blood flow to areas where it needs to go. If it keeps reoccurring, have it checked out.

  1. A cloudy mind

Sometimes, problems arise and keep us in a constant state of disarray due to the different issues bogged up in our mind. But having to deal with a Mind that is often wandering and increased anxiety issues has been indicated that it might be a problem with your Liver. This problem is often seen in the obese individual as it has been shown that high levels of body fat do affect our ability to reason and think. It may probably be time to drop off some of that weight.

  1. Itchiness that doesn’t stop

You might have an itch or two at any time without notice, and if you do think about it now, you will feel a little itchy. Weird though, but it is true. However, if you do feel itchiness that is so consistent and has a high impact on your day, then you might have a huge problem on your hands and these are signs that you are not healthy. This may mean that you are allergic to something, or have a bacterial infection. It might also mean that you have some problem with your liver; you should probably check it out.

  1. You’re shrinking

This may not be entirely obvious, but as we age, we do get shorter, in minimal amounts anyway, but if you do notice very drastic drop in weight and height then you might have some severe bone problems, or it may also mean that you are not taking in as much protein and calcium as you should.

  1. Premature Graying

Although some of us have a bit of gray hair from birth, graying up very early in life may be signs that you may have a thyroid disorder. However, do not panic, if you have a little gray at some point, but if the pattern is increasing, then you should consider seeing the doctor.

  1. Your legs swell

Swelling may sometimes mean you have been in a sitting position for far too long; but in other cases, it may be a sign that you have a thyroid, kidney, or heart condition. Swelling of your legs are signs that you are not healthy.

  1. Bad breath

Bad breath may be signs that you have poor oral hygiene, but it could also say you have some problem with your gums such as Gingivitis and this is a very serious type of gum disease, and could result in some pretty expensive dental issues such as tooth loss.

  1. Yellowing eyes

If you do notice that your eyes are a little cloudy or yellow; then you might be dealing with a serious health issue such as jaundice, or some problem with your liver.

  1. Swollen neck

Neck swelling may mean signs that you have some problems with your thyroid gland. If you do notice a swelling that increases rapidly; you should visit your doctor immediately.

  1. Snoring

Snoring usually means that you may have severe damage to your health over time. Also, this problem is a bit annoying. Many health conditions that can be indicated by this problem include sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke, GERD and excess weight.

16 Too much gas

Losing too much gas from time to time may be signs of a problem with your digestive system. Some of such issues that can be indicated by excess gassing include irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease.

17. Excessive Tiredness

It is entirely reasonable to feel a bit tired after a hard day’s work. But when you do feel so tired all the time, then its signs that you are not healthy, and you should consider it a grave matter. Here are many reasons for feeling so tired and it could be mental, physical or an indication of health problems. You should take a step back and thoroughly examine your lifestyle to find the culprit. If you cannot see any such reason, then do pay a visit to your physician.

There are many more signs that you are not healthy,  but sometimes all you need is a little more balanced meal; excellent exercise plan and soon you will be back in good health. Do learn to treat your body with more respect; it will be all worth it in the long run when you have a much happier old age.



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