9 Best Shopping Malls In Nigeria

Want to check out the nine most fantastic shopping malls in Nigeria? Here is the list of the biggest shopping malls in Nigeria.

When looking for the best places to have fun with friends, family, and loved ones or shop for items on a lazy weekend, a mall usually comes to mind. There are several shopping malls in Nigeria. However, to get the best, you need to consider space, security, safety, accessibility, price, and quality of goods and services provided.

Nigeria is a diverse country with numerous cities. Many cities can boast of at least one shopping mall. In this article, we will talk about the best shopping malls in Nigeria.

Best Shopping malls in Nigeria

shopping malls in nigeria

1.    The Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja city mall is the sixth-largest mall in Nigeria. It is located at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos State. The Ikeja City Mall has 243,749 leasable square feet. It was constructed in 2011 by Gruppo Investment. The mall houses many known brands and stores in Nigeria, like Silverbird cinema and ShopRite. There are also several eateries with different menus, clothing brand stores, and bank ATMs at this mall.

The mall has both local and foreign tenants giving it an international presence.

Ikeja city mall is very accessible. It also comes with a lot of side attractions when compared with other malls and shopping centers in the area.

The security has been placed in a way that cars are not packed at the owner’s risk. You can quickly move in and out of the mall without delay. On entry, each driver is given a slip that he has to scan when he wants to exit. Without, that slip, the car would not leave the mall.

With this, you don’t have to worry about auto theft. The Ikeja mall also has functioning CCTV cameras, armed security officers in uniform and unmarked security.  They also have an anti-bomb team on site. The staff is trained to handle fire in case of any.  The mall also has top-notch management that oversees all of its operations.

You can enjoy a wide range of things at the mall. Vendors range from fashion, telecoms, fine dining, health, beauty, cinematic experience to gaming, and lots more. It is an excellent place to take kids during the holidays.

2.    Polo Park Mall

Enugu State houses one of the largest shopping malls in Nigeria. The Polo Park Mall has a total retail area of 242,000 square feet. The mall is owned by Broll Properties Services Limited, but the development of the mall was carried out by the Persianas Group. The Polo Park Mall is massive.  Most malls usually have one or two anchor tenants, but the Polo Park Mall has six anchor tenants. The Polo Park Mall is distinguished and has excellence and class.  It was also called named a world-class mall. You can buy a wide range of things here. Like the Ikeja mall, it is the perfect getaway spot whenever you are in Enugu. The mall was commissioned by the government of Enugu state in September 2011.

3. Tinapa Shopping Resort

Tinapa Shopping Centre is the largest mall in Nigeria and one of the largest in Africa. The total leasable area is over 861,000 square feet.

The city of Calabar houses this shopping mall. However, it is owned by the Tinapa Business Resort Limited, a local company in the state. The project of the mall was inspired by the governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke. He oversaw its construction and later the opening on April 2nd, 2007. The architectural design and development of the shopping mall were carried out by a team of experts from Nigeria, South Africa, and Germany.

The mall brought Cross River State out to the world and has brought employment chances to hundreds of people. Shoppers who visit the shopping mall get to park the cars in the large parking area that has a capacity of 4,000 vehicles. The mall has everything one would need to have a great weekend.  You can take your kids to the movie; enjoy freshly prepared meals, and every other thing Calabar has to offer.

4. Jabi lake mall

Located at the capital of Nigeria Abuja, FCT, the Jabi Lake mall has 85,017 square feet. The Jabi lake mall was constructed in 2015.  It is quite popular due to its breathtaking view and class. The mall is a sophisticated spot for the rich and borders on a lake, which defines its unique elegance. The Jabi lake mall houses Shoprite and other franchises. You can enjoy delicious meals; buy fantastic clothes, electronics, accessories and lots more.

The Jabi lake mall has a serene and calm atmosphere. It is super fantastic and comes with excellent space for natural movement. You can also use the display screen at the entrance to help ease your navigation around the mall. The security personnel are friendly and very helpful. There is abundant parking space both at entry-level and in the basement. Accessibility to the mall is perfect. A public toilet facility is available and accessible. When in the capital city of Nigeria, the best place to meet with friends, relax and have great meals is the Jabi lake mall.

5. Palms mall Ibadan

There are several Palm malls located across Nigeria, but the one at Ibadan stands out. The Palms mall Ibadan is one of the biggest shopping malls in Nigeria. They have lots of side attractions. The mall is also a favorite of many because it boasts of a superb landscape. The Palms mall Ibadan also has an outdoor playground so your kids can play while you shop. When you need a place to relax, shop and unwind, Palms shopping mall, Ibadan is the right place for you.  You can choose from the various eateries, have fun at the cinema, and shop for groceries all in the same place stress-free. The shopping mall is located at the heart of Ibadan and can be accessed from any part of the capital city. Shoprite is situated in this mall. They also have a terrific game area for both kids and adults. There are also night clubs inside the mall; this makes the nightlife interesting. The Palms mall Ibadan is the biggest in South West of Nigeria

6. Palms Shopping Mall Lagos

The palms mall Lagos is strategically located and is very accessible to people on the island. Residents in the Initial, VI extension, and Lekki Phase 1 Axis in Lagos and those coming from the mainland can easily access this mall.

The Palms Shopping mall Lagos has a wide range of high-class fast-moving consumer goods and services rendered at the best and most affordable price with an up-to-date quality. The environment clean, decent, and well secured. The atmosphere is exceptionally amazing and inviting to a wide range of shoppers and visitors. The Palms Shopping Mall also has many side attractions and also hosts special holiday programs for kids, lovers, and the general public.

The Restroom is amazingly clean and almost odorless. The cars parked are safe, and the security agents are always ready to deal with any security threat.  You can have a lovely time with your friends and family at this fantastic shopping mall.

7. The Dune Centre

The Dune Centre is one of the biggest shopping malls in Nigeria. It is an outstanding complex in the Federal Capital City of Abuja. It is strategically located on Aguyi Ironsi Street in Wuse 2 District in Abuja. With professional and high-end security agents, they ensure safety to both properties and lives.

The parking space is adequate for the capacity of the mall. The ground floor is well laid with an information bar for all the floors of the mall, and directions can be gotten from the bar, presence customers from walking in circles, which can be discouraging and can also ruin their shopping experience.

The grocery store is super stocked with all grocery items, and it’s appropriately segmented. The prices are on the high side but are worth it. It’s a Fantastic and adequate place for family time.

best shopping malls in nigeria

8. Novare Lekki Mall

Located in Lekki, Lagos, the Novare Lekki Mall has over 242,511 Square feet. It was opened in 2016 and is owned by Novare Private Partners. The Novare Lekki mall has a serene environment. The Novare mall equipped with excellent ventilation systems.  You can enjoy a breath of fresh air while you shop, watch movies, or simply relax and enjoy the view.

Given the number of people that come in during holidays and weekends, ventilation is of utmost importance. The mall has an ample parking space, enough security to secure both properties and lives. The mall has different brands, cinemas, and a shop where you can get sports clothes and materials at a very affordable price. It is also one of the biggest best shopping malls in Nigeria.

9. Port Harcourt Mall

The Port Harcourt Mall is a great place to meet, hang out, shop, eat, relax, and celebrate. You can enjoy a wide range of continental dishes and cinemas at this shopping mall. The SPAR hypermarket brand is housed here alongside many other shopping brands.

The facility was created for all classes of people with ease of access for our disabled loved ones.  It has an adequate car park, safe and the ambiance is mostly friendly. Port Harcourt is a city of excellence. The Port Harcourt shopping mall is created with a lot of side attractions you can enjoy.  It is probably the biggest attraction; the town has to offer right now. The Port Harcourt Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in Nigeria.


For a country like Nigeria, shopping malls are an emerging trend. These malls provide a one-stop place for all you need, especially for those who lack time.  Everything has been arranged in a manner that presents everything we need needs with competitive prices and a great shopping experience. The malls are clean and big enough for shoppers of all works of life. Whether you are a big spender or a budget spender, these malls bring an extraordinary experience to the places they are located in. They also provide jobs and security. They are fantastic tourist attractions.


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