Shepard Smith Biography & Net Worth

Shepard Smith is the Managing editor of the Breaking News Division of Fox News network. His professional life as a journalist and television personality is going great, but the same cannot be said about his personal life. On this page, we shall discuss Shepard Smith net worth and biography, and highlight the most important parts of his professional career, marriage, education, and other factors in his life.

Who is Shepard Smith? He is an American professional news anchor. At this moment he works as the Managing editor of the Breaking News Division of Fox News network. He is also the host of Shepard Smith Reporting after previously hosting Fox Report with Shepard Smith and Studio B weekdays on Fox News.

Shepard Smith Biography

Shepard Smith Net Worth 2020
Shepard Smith Net Worth 2020

Shepard Smith was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States on January 14th, 1964 to David Shepard Smith Sr. and Dora Ellen Anderson. He lived with his mother and brother while growing up after his parents separated. There’s not much to talk regarding his ethnicity except that he is American.

Educational History

Talking about his education Shepard Smith attended ‘K–12’ school in Holly Springs and and later completed his senior year of high school in Florida. He earned his major in journalism from the University of Mississippi but he fell short of 2 credits from graduation.

Shepard Smith Career

Career wise, not too many journalists have reached the heights attained by this man and most part of Shepard Smith net worth has been accumulated from his journalism career.

Mr. Shepard Smith’s career began as a reporter for a Florida television station. He later moved to join WSVN as an anchor and reporter followed by WCPX-TV. Before going to work with Fox News, he was correspondent for A Current Affair.

His history with Fox News channel can be traced back to the year 1996 where he began working with the news network. He was opportuned to cover the death and funeral of Princess Diana of Wales in 1997. Three years later, he went to Florida to take charge of the Florida ballot-counting controversy at the time of the United States presidential election. In the year 1998, he was a correspondent based in Los Angeles where he covered the viral news such as the 1996 Presidential campaign, the Montana Freemen Standoff, the crashing of TWA Flight 800, and a few more.

Shepard Smith Net Worth 2020
Shepard Smith Net Worth 2020

Formerly, he was the host of Studio B weekdays and Fox Report with Shepard Smith on Fox News, but at this time, Shepard Smith is the Managing editor of the Breaking News Division of Fox News network. He is also the host of Shepard Smith Reporting. Apart from being a news anchor and journalist, Shepard Smith has featured in a movie titled Volcano.

Shepard Smith Awards

Shepard Smith is a wonderful news anchor as rated by many viewers of the Fox News channel, but as at this moment there are no awards credited to his name in his career to date. He has been in charge of covering many big news in career, and he is loved and viewed by a lot of people around the world.

Shepard Smith Marriage

Shepard Smith was once married. He was married to Virginia Donald who he met while schooling at the University of Mississippi. The former lovebirds tied the knot in 1987 and later got divorced in 1993. The couple have no children together.

In 2017, the News anchor broke the internet when he came out as gay. He also went further to confirm his relationship with his boyfriend Giovanni Graziano.

Shepard Smith Net Worth
Shepard Smith & his boyfriend, Giovanni Graziano

They pair have been romantically involved since 2013

Shepard Smith Rumors

As far as we know, there are no known drastic rumors related to Shepard Smith’s professional and personal life. There are no existing records of him ever involved in scandals and controversies since the beginning of his career till date, and this is really good for the health of his career which has stretched into decades and running.

Shepard Smith Net Worth 2021

Being a famous news anchor and reporter, Shepard Smith earns a massive amount of money from what he does. Currently, Shepard Smith net worth is $25 million and this continues to accumulate after he bags over $7 million as an annual salary according to his current deal with Fox News.

The ever hardworking Shepard Smith earns his wealth primarily from his journalism career even though he has featured in a movie just once. He worked for the popular Fox News Network for more than 25 years during which he signed several contract renewals with the news network. Several sources reports that his annual salary during the 2000s was estimated between $7 and $8 million which could be the reason why he has amassed a good fortune in terms of his net worth, currently estimated at $25 million.

Furthermore, He was among the media witnesses present at the execution of Timothy McVeigh in 2001. In 2003 television guide poll, he earned second position as the most trusted anchor on both cable and network news.

He has been involved in a movie, particularly in the 1997 film titled Volcano.


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