Ultimate Guide To Make Money On Instagram

Can you make money selling on Instagram? Is there a secret to selling on Instagram? In this article, I will teach you how to use Instagram for your business. 

When we first heard of Instagram, folks like me and you decided the pictures we saw there were amazing.

But today, I’m going to teach you how to do other things such as selling on Instagram and how to use Instagram marketing

Beyond what we first did with Instagram, companies have begun to build better awareness about their brands through Instagram.

Artists, models, actors, influencers and relationship-building campaigns began to take the doorstep.

It’s a picture frenzy platform and is fast gaining awareness for its video platform ( igTV).

And now, YOU are in the picture!

Selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram

What can you do on Instagram, other than liking and sharing pictures? Plenty of things!

I’m going to show you how you can begin selling your goods on Instagram without spending a dime. I’m going to show you the best ways to build your followership in less time.

Today, there are over 2.8 billion active users on Instagram. This means you have a huge opportunity out there for you to make money.

There are a million things you can do on Instagram with just an Instagram storefront and I’m going to share that with you.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to have a big company to make all the money you want on Instagram. I’m going to share with you tips for selling on Instagram with or without a website.

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Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

Tips for Selling on Instagram

Step 1 – Pick your Product

The first thing you have to decide is what you want to sell. Many begin by selecting the most profitable products out there.

But that’s not my strategy. I recommend you understand the market you want to sell to.

This is because your first contents won’t be about what you want to sell but about reaching more people and keeping them engaged with your brand.

Do you want to sell to ladies, working moms or millennial? Do you want the very rich, middle class or clients who are willing to buy cheap stuff?

I believe deciding your ideal clients, will help you focus your promotions so you drive the traffic that wants your goods.

Ideas for selling on Instagram

Nevertheless, while searching for what works for you, here are some top-performing categories that you can check out why selecting your ideal client list:

  • Jewelry
  • Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Home & garden
  • Beauty and Health
  • Men’s Clothing & Accessories
  • Watches
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Phones
  • Toys & Hobbies.
Selling on Instagram, Instagram selling, Instagram marketing
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However, in these categories, we also have products that stand out amongst others.

Women’s clothing, for example, is one of the best things you can sell online. However, not all Women’s clothings sell at the same price. here are a few you can target that has remained high performing for many years.

This includes things like:

  • Intimates
  • Accessories
  • Dresses
  • Bottoms
  • Tops & Tees
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts

These are only a few examples, but you must carry out bigger research on the best products you need.

Trendy Versus Stable products

Before we move on, bear in mind that all products are divided into stable and trending products. You have to decide which products you want to sell.

Stable products will fetch you as the name implies income all year round while trending products stop selling after some time.

Some businesses have mastered the art of mixing the two while others stay on the side of stable income.

Make sure you figure out where the products you want to sell fall into so you know just the right amount of inventory is needed.

Never forget that your business is an extension of you. The right product shouldn’t steer away from the kind of crowd you can gather as well as your hobbies and interests. You can mix in trending and stable products for selling on Instagram especially if you are affiliate marketing.

Step 2 – Optimize your Instagram business profile

Some individuals have made it so far by using their generic Instagram accounts but yet their success is very limited.

To stand out as a true businessman, you must separate business from your profile.

When you also spend time and effort crafting a good Instagram business profile, your selling on Instagram will move swiftly. A  personal profile can sell a few things, but it can’t reach everyone.

So the right way to boost your selling on Instagram is with an Instagram business account.

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Creating your Instagram Business account for selling on Instagram

Your Instagram business account should have a well-crafted bio, profile photo and link to your shop. Make sure to use high quality and consistent pictures.

By consistency, we mean ensuring that these pictures all resonate in the same ay. Except you are a photographer, it is highly advised that your pictures have the same background you will love to be known after. This is called branding your photos. You can take a cue from these Instagram pages below:

Instagram marketing, selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram

In these pictures above, you will immediately notice that all images have unique and consistent backgrounds. Even if you can’t have a natural setting like the first, you can always make do with creating a particular photo editing pattern as seen in the second photo.

If you successfully designed your Instagram business profile, it will serve as your one-stop for your Instagram marketing. It’s vital to making a great impression and ensuring that people follow your business.


Important Note:

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic on Instagram is to make your links stand out. This means everyone who sees them will know that they lead somewhere else.

Why preparing your bio it’s important to link back to your Instagram home page or website if you have one. Make sure this link is headed by a short, simple and straight forward Call to Action.

Call to action phrases drives people to you. Strong call-to-actions have been known to help people make decisions to do business with you on a subconscious level. They are very powerful and driven. They include words like;

  • Learn more
  • Pick it up for free
  • Watch this
  • Get XX% off when you order today
  • Sell your xxx on Instagram!
  • Shop Now
  • Install Now
  • See how we make the difference
  • Swipe up

There are many more words you can use, but you must personalize it to meet the needs of your business.

Step 3: Engage and Influence

If you aren’t getting people to comment, share, like or follow you, then you need to re-strategize your contents. Are you simply uploading your products or random posts without giving it a thought?

Growing your Instagram page depends on how you engage your followers. You have to persuade people to start following you.

this means understanding the kind of regular contents they want and making sure that’s what your posts are all about.

If you are tempted towards buying Instagram followers then you have to think twice about it. what if the people on that list are cold to your updates.

You can’t get a lot of people to buy from you if they are not properly engaged with your brands.

Begin by thinking about things you can do for them that would solve their problems. Think about freebies you can give out.

Use these strategies and you will have an actively engaged list of people who want to buy from you.

Step 4: Use Shoppable posts for Selling on Instagram

selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram

If you ever checked out an eCommerce website like Amazon or the Shopify platform, you will see just how sweet it is to navigate through products with ease.

When these are integrated into Instagram, they are called shoppable posts and sponsored by Shopify.

You can use these posts to make it easier for customers to browse through your galleries of products which will equally bring more sales.

With this amazing Shopify plugins, customers can discern between products you have in stock and products you have long abandoned.

You can equally create custom galleries that can be linked to your Instagram bio for maximum effect.

Step 4: Using Instagram Stories

Over 200 million people love accessing Instagram stories, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it. It’s so huge that more than one-third of the most viewed stories are from businesses.

Naturally, stories go away after 24 hours, but it’s so worth it because it increases awareness and will help people seek o learn more about your business. However, you must use stories strategically. They are great avenues to be creative without worrying too much about quality.

You shouldn’t spend your Instagram stories on products all the time. Share tidbits about your personal life. Buyers want to get to know you and your business. Use your stories to show the human side of your brand and get all the support you deserve.

If you are pretty much the creator of your products, you can use Instagram stories to show the product events or even talk about instant promotional that go away at the end of the day.

It’s also important you add links to your products in your Instagram Stories. You don’t have to focus completely on you in your Instagram stories.

You can chip in a little brief on your product. It’s one of the most amazing ways not only to draw clients to check you out but also make some quick sales as well.

However, you can’t add links to your Instagram stories until you have more than 10,000 followers, so you can concentrate on showing the human aspect of your brand until you have gotten a substantial list.

Step 5: Using Instagram-Only Promotions

Everyone loves a good sale or promotion. Shoppers will be ecstatic if they get some discounts from you which is exclusively for your followers. You can add promo information to your Instagram stories to encourage followers to click the link to your bio and enjoy the offer.

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Step 6: Hashtags for Selling on Instagram

to get your brand out there, you have to use hashtags. Hashtags have the power of getting your brand out there for millions of people to see, especially when you are using the right hashtags linked to the kind of products you are selling.

However, you need to balance it out. You cant afford using too many hashtags in your posts because it will make it look spammy.

Rather than add too many hashtags, spend time researching your hashtags, so that no matter how few they are, they can reach the right people.

It’s more powerful to focus your efforts on a few targeted, highly trafficked hashtags that you can use in numerous posts and get your Instagram account out there.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts but it is better to add 10-15 hashtags so that your caption will stand out and add more context to your posts.


When you use the right hashtags, you are making sure that the people who see your posts are ready to buy from you. I also recommend checking out hashtags used by influencers in your product niche.

But you shouldn’t use many of this because your posts might be competing against other established Instagram accounts.

for instance, don’t use a hashtag like #travel because it has been used in over 406 million posts. so even if you have products in the travel niche, using this hashtag is only going to bring pain.


You can try using specific hashtags that are close to the product. Use the google keyword planner, to help you figure this one out.

You can also use old popular hashtags because they aren’t trending right now but people once liked them.

another way to make your hashtags stand out is by creating your brand hastags.


This usually includes your company name or a tagline you want people to remember when they see your products. This will be so central that people sharing your posts will subconsciously add it to their posts.

In those scenarios, you can create a teaser to post on other social media accounts and link people back to Instagram. Using hashtags for selling on Instagram is just so amazing.

You can sell through hashtags

Inselly is an Instagram market place which allows you to add the hashtag @Inselly which notifies your clients that they can buy stuff from you. it’s completely free to use Inselly. Buyers simply have to message you via the Inselly app or website. There are no fees or commissions costs.

Step 7: Post regularly and at the right time

To keep users engaged with your Instagram page, you have to make the right posts at the right time. it is recommended that you post between 4 to 7 posts weekly to super engage your users.

According to Neil Patel, treat your engagement strategies as you would physical relationships. This means regularly “hanging out” with your viewers, sharing what’s happening in your life and actively listening to what they have to say.

Therefore, you have to share things about you and make sure you answer the comments placed in your posts. When you make as much as 7 posts per week, your growth rate will reach as much as 56% of what you started with.
Never allow a conversation to go unattended.

You can even create a hashtag so users can use in sending content that will be featured on your profile. With regards to the days you have to post on Instagram, Monday is the best day. And most posts are viewed around, 5 pm and 8 am.

You can sell in comments

Spreesy also allows you to use the comment section of your Instagram page to sell items. Spreesy allows you to create a shoppable Instagram post which will contain information such as shopping costs, track-able quantities and tons of unique information about your product. This application is available via Android or IOS.

Buyers simply have to comment with their email address, and Spreesy will send them checkout information which can purchase your products with PayPal or credit card. The only downside is the risks of putting your email address in a published post. But you can also inform your buyers to delete their emails after they have received the checkout information.

Step 8: Get your caption right

Your subject line is also very important. It’s the single most vital aspect that will have people clicking on your posts to learn more. If you use a stunning photo and a weak caption, your posts might not be entirely accepted.

Make sure your captions reach your viewers in a very personal way. It’s easy to strike the right balance without making your audience feel as though you are trying too hard.

You can also turn your caption into a call to action so it encourages people to interact, ask questions or show converts about your products. Here’s a good of example of that feature.

selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram

Step 9: Use Instagram Videos

Don’t focus alone on the Photo scene. Use Instagram videos and Instagram live content to get more attention to your brand. These tactics create a sense of urgency in your viewers driving them to take action immediately.

You can also upload your Instagram videos to YouTube to diversify your income stream. Videos have more impact in the long run than photos and in more recent times, they are one of the fastest ways to impact on your viewers.

Hitting a bigger crowd

To reach a bigger community of buyers, you must be prepared to spend some money. Bear in mind that this requires a bit of strategy on your part and must also include the tips and tricks from the earlier section.

Even if our Ads and traffic are big enough, if you can’t keep people engaged in your brand, you can’t make sales. Therefore the strategies in this section can’t work without the strategies in the first section.

Step 10: Using Instagram Story Ads

In March 2017, Instagram introduced the ability to advertise on stories. This brings you more opportunities to reach people with only a little investment. With this story ads, you have a choice to create a photo or a video.

Whichever you choose, it has to be attention-grabbing especially for those who quickly swipe through stories. The ads will pop-up around the people you follow and will make a direct impact on all potential customers. In ads like this, you will see a small”sponsored” tag to the side.

Instagram marketing, selling on Instagram
selling on Instagram

Step 11: Partner with Instagram Influencers

Once you have gotten your Instagram business afloat, you can reach more people using collaborations and partnerships with Influencers. Today, most consumers don’t trust traditional ads, but they want to get what another person is using. Influencers are a big deal today and they are making more people buy things like never before.

You don’t have to go for influencers with massive follower-ship. Micro-influencers with followers between 1,000 to 100, followers can be more willing to trade product for a shout-out. when your business is very small, this is your ideal support.

More ideas for selling on Instagram

Beyond the products in the first step, you can also sell many other things on Instagram. Here are some ideas;

  • Sell your photos: You can sell photos on Instagram especially if you are a professional photographer. If you are an amateur, you can still make decent money, although it won’t be too big.
  • Sponsored posts: You don’t have to have a specific product. You can simply grow your audience and begin making money by advertising the products of other people. However, you need thousands of followers to do so.
  • Affiliate marketing: This is almost the same as sponsored posts but here, you will be working with affiliate marketing platforms like ClickBank, ShareASale, Wealthy affiliate, Amazon affiliate and OfferVault.
  • Sell digital products: You can sell books and courses on Instagram as well. There are lots of people making it by training others through Instagram. You can take a cue from Timothy Sykes.

You need a website

Instagram only allows links in stories on your bio. So, your best bet of making more money is by opening an eCommerce store. However, don’t build the store, until you have established trust and credibility on your Instagram page.

No Links makes it hard to sell on Instagram but it’s possible

Instagram limits the number of links you can add to posts. You have one shot of adding a clickable link which is your bio. However, you can sell directly using shoppable Instagram.

Don’t forget to add a call-to-action next to your bio to drive people to by more from you. If you can think about building a website besides using shoppable Instagram posts.

Concluding thoughts

Instagram is an amazing place you can make lots of money if you think about engaging your followers before selling to them. It is one of the best places to sell online. Nigerians love Instagram, so you have more ways to reach more people.

Don’t cut corners. Stay patient and consistent and you can be like our very own luvvie’s who currently makes good money and has been on thousands of trips to over 20 cities around the world simply through a single book and travel products.

Do you need more help selling on Instagram? I’m here to help you. Simply send a comment below.

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