Rudeboy Launches New Record Label Called ‘Fire Department Inc.’

Nigerian artiste, Rudeboy and his older brother, Jude Okoye has set up a new record label which they tagged “Fire Department Inc“.

Rudeboy took to his Instagram handle to post a picture of the record label’s logo and also to put up written antics that suggest it is a brand that would soon resume full operation.

This is the first time there would be any talk of a record label floating on either sides of the P-Square brothers. Remember that they went their separate ways since 2016.

Remember that when Rudeboy was with his twin brother, they used to co-own a record label called Square Records. After the defunct of P-square, the record label has seized to exist and is now devoid of operation.

It is a good move by the artiste to decide to launch another record label as we hope that it would bring to limelight and also bring new sets of talent to limelight.


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