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Roy Howard Net Worth

Popular Name: Roy Howard
Real Name: Roy Wilson Howard
Birth Date: 1883 – 1964
Birth Place: Gano, Ohio, United States
Age: Died at 81
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Margaret Rohe Howard
Children: 2
Profession: Journalist, Newspaper Man
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $10 – $50 Million
Last Updated: 2020

Roy Howard was an American journalist and newspaperman easily recognized for his long association with E. W. Scripps Company. He was the chairman of Scripps Howard Newspapers and president of the United Press and E. W. Scripps Company. The following is an article on Roy Howard net worth, his businesses, and all relating to his life and achievements.

Roy Howard’s Early Life

Roy Wilson Howard was born on 1 January 1883 in Gano, Ohio, United States. His father was a railroad brakeman who couldn’t sponsor his education, so he had to put his education to an end in order to find work and contribute to the family income. He got to working at Indianapolis News and eventually ended up a journalist.

Howard eventually became a news editor of the Cincinnati Post. The newspaper was owned by Milton Alexander McRae, James Edmund Scripps, Ellen Browning Scripps, and Edward W. Scripps. This group established the Scripps-McRae League of Newspapers which had a controlling power in 34 newspapers in 15 different states.

In 1907, the Scripps-McRae company joined with others to form a news service called United Press International (UPI). Edward W. Scripps’s main aim was to provide steadfast competition to the Associated Press (AP).

Roy Howard was employed by Scripps as the general manager of UPI, and was promoted to the position of president in 1912.

Roy Howard net worth
Roy Howard Net Worth 2020

Roy Howard’s Career

From serving as a paperboy in Indianapolis, Roy quickly moved up the ranks, starting with being a reporter for Indianapolis Star to becoming a New York correspondent for the Scripps-McRae Newspapers . He quickly made a reputation for himself and worked his way to the position of president of United Press in 1912 when he was only 29 years old.

During the First World War, his career positioned him as a war correspondent in Europe, where he accidentally sent a false news of the Armistice several days before it was actually signed. His reputation survived and five years after being made president of the United Press, he became a Scripps partner, and had his name appearing in the Scripps Howard News Service, one of the Scripps subsidiary companies.

In 1920, he moved to Scripps newspapers, and two years on, he was leading the E. W. Scripps Company, keeping his position for over 40 years. The Scripps-McRae League was named the Scripps-Howard Newspapers on November 3, 1922 in recognition of Roy Howard.

Despite having a role in management, he continued working as a reporter; in 1933 he headed to Manchuria to report the Sino-Japanese war, interviewing the emperor of Manchukuo Pu Yi. He also met Japanese Emperor Hirohito. In 1936 he conducted an interview with Josef Stalin.

In 1936 he relinquished the title of chairman and became president of the chain of newspapers. He held that position until he was 70 in 1953, and was succeeded by his first son, Jack R. Howard. He continued as chairman of the newspapers’ executive committee and director of its operating company. He kept his titles, as editor and president of Sun and The New York World‐Telegram.

In 1950, Roy Howard had brought about the acquisition of the goodwill and circulation lists The Sun, which he joined with The World‐Telegram to create the World‐Telegram and Sun. In 1960, the ScrippsHoward Newspapers purchased another newspaper, The Cleveland Press, and discontinued it’s publication.

Personal Life, Wife, Children, Death

A smallish man, Roy Wilson Howard favored monogrammed custom — designed shirts of varicolored checks, and a bow tie of same material. He carried on until World War II. Around the same time he ditched his folding pince‐nez glasses for horn‐rims. He died in 1964 at Doctors Hospital, aged 81. He suffered a coronary attack in his office and was taken to the hospital He would have clocked 82 years old on New Year’s Day.

He left behind his wife, former reporter Margaret Rohe Howard, whom he married in 1909. They had a son, Jack R. Howard, who was director and president of the Scripps ‐ Howard Newspapers; a daughter, Jane Howard Perkins, wife of retired United States Navy Capt. Albert Carson Perkins, and five grandchildren, Jennifer, Timothy and Anthony Perkins, and Michael and Pamela Howard. The family held a private funeral and cremation service.

Roy Howard Net Worth

Though not one of those journalists you read about everyday, Roy Howard was a skilled newspaperman and reporter whose reputation supersedes anything else about him. He easily recognized for his association with E. W. Scripps Company. He reigned as chairman of Scripps Howard Newspapers and president of the United Press and E. W. Scripps Company and maintained his position for over four decades before handing over to his son. Roy Howard net worth was acquired from the salaries he collected for playing his roles in the organization he served in transformed massively.

He is said to be worth around $10 million to $50 million as at the time he died. There are no verified information about his financial status at the moment.

Although Roy Howard will probably long be remembered as the head of a large chain of newspapers, he will also be remembered as the reporter who on the 7th of November 1918, drove the whole world into a delirium of excitement with his premature report that the war had ended.


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