The 12 Types Of Roommates You Will Find In Life

Because a lot of us cannot afford to live alone either because of financial issues or only because we like having an extra comfort, We will look towards finding that Roommate that will help provide the solution we so seek. Sometimes they can be our friends from before or merely new relationships; it can be a roommate from a simple advert or a friend of a friend, whatever the case, there are specific roommates we can all relate to.

  1. The Neat Freak

Yes, you heard right, this kind of roommate will obsessively clean up the room, organize even your spoons into layers and make your life miserable for simply living socks out of the drawers.

In truth, we do love a clean room, but when you have that obsessive cleaning person, you can be sure to have so many problems even each time to breathe, you will have to check if you stained the air.

  1. The Messy One

Okay, this is the exact opposite of the clean freak. This kind of roommate can never seem to locate the trash can. Be sure to find dirt’s and packets on all areas of the house: from the chairs to the room. Clothes can never quite fit into the wardrobe and so much more. Shoes have this terrible uncomfortable smell at all times. Room never seems to have a fresh scent to it. Awful!!

  1. The M.I.A

Yes, that roommate that is never anywhere nearby, they are always “missing in action.” Usually, they are in the arms of their significant other, or with a group of friends or perfectly nowhere to be found. You even begin to wonder why you decided to have one in the first place especially when you need them for the company.

  1. The Party Animal

Ever wondered about that roommate that unceasingly seems to cut your sleep by knocking at late hours or simply coming home in the very hours of the morning. This kind will forever be out there having fun at the party. If you are lucky, this can be just the worst of it. If not, expect to have some of those parties in your squeaky clean home. Because your roommate will never allow the sound systems some peace, it’s going to be blasts of music over and over again and the never-ending throes of “friends” you cannot seem to remember their names.

  1. The Studious One

This kind of roommate will likely be found around high schools and universities. They are forever buried in heaps of books and never rest even for a meal. There are stickers all over the refrigerator always reminding them of more books and so much more.

  1. The Gamer

Ooh, another noisy roommate. This kind of roommate will be found forever before the gaming set with extra buddies as well playing all kinds of games, and you often wonder if he/she has any other kind of life apart from virtual reality.

  1. The Hermit

This kind of roommate is forever at home. You can honestly never get the house all to yourself. They are always there glued to the house like a fixture.

  1. The “third” roommate

This kind of roommate always has “bae” over, at night, morning or noon and they are forever lost in each other’s embrace. You often wonder why they do not simply get a room together.

  1. The Overly attached roommate

You were probably looking for a companion, but surely you did not want to be glued to your roommate. So sorry if it hit you because this type will follow you everywhere from social media to the toilet, making the word best friend’s more obvious.

  1. The Kleptomaniac

Hmmm, this kind of roommate will get to your nerves. Because everything from your personal effects to your leftover meals will disappear at some point, sorry you might probably have to get used to it.

  1. The Athlete

Open the refrigerator, and all you can see is protein mix, enhancement pills and everything but yummy junky edibles. There are even endless supplies of gallons of water mixed with whatever the mixture of the day. This roommate may help you get fit and achieve a better lifestyle but who won’t miss that time when you can heap on bad sugar and have no “coach” to stop you from having them.

  1. The Passively Aggressive Roommate

This kind of roommate can never resolve issues with a simple face to face confrontation. They will merely either sing your ears off or place a sticky note (or text message) listing out your faults. The worse kind will probably keep malice for eons to silently prove a point.

  1. The Infamous King

How many can quite wonder about that roommate that is continually trying to Lord over the house like a certain royalty? To make it so much worse, you both equally pay rent and share household duties, but you can never seem to get right past the feeling of having the infamous captain in your home.

  1. The Perfect Match

Aha, everyone’s dream but so rarely found. That roommate that genuinely suits you in many different ways; you will love him for being honest, respectful and thoroughly grounded. The big problem is finding out that perfect person.

Naturally, not all roommates will fall into the categories listed here; but in any case, you should remember that no matter your roommate, tolerance is essential; if you must stay with someone


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