Robert Morris Biography & Net Worth

obert Preston Morris is an American pastor given birth to on the 29th of July, 1961. He is the founding lead Senior Pastor of the Gateway Church, a multi-story non-confessional evangelical church. His church has 9 campuses and 3 church plants.

Robert Morris Biography
Robert Morris Biography

Robert Morris Family

Pastor Robert Morris’ wife is Debbie Morris. They have been married for over 37 years and have continued to blossom in love. The family is blessed with one daughter and two sons who are married now. They also have eight grandchildren.

Robert Morris Net worth

Robert T Morris ‘ reported Net Worth as at 16 May 2019 was at least $1.4 million. Over the past 12 years he has sold in $1,087,648 in WLFC inventories. Mr. Morris has owned more than 484 Willis Lease Finance stock. He also makes $0 for Willis Lease Finance’s independent director.

Robert Morris Gateway Church

Gateway Church is the largest congregation of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, with reported weekly attendance of 36,000 people in 2016. It has a big, charismatic Christian basement in Southlake, Texas and is located near Fort Worth.

Pastor Robert Morris began planning a Christian evangelistic church in Southlake, Texas on September 16, 1999. The first sermon of Gateway Church took place in the Hilton Hotel in Grapevine on the Easter morning of 23 April 2000. The service was attended by about 180 people. The church has expanded to over 39,000 active members from the founding of the movement in 2000.

In June 2003, the church relocated onto the Southlake Blvd campus at a size of 64,000 square meters. Gateway opened its new 4,000-seat refuge at Southlake in 2010, with a 64-acre campus (26 ha).

Public records for 2016 were estimated by Gateway in the last four (2013–2016) years to be more than US$ 500 million. For their annual report for 2016, they reported revenues of $127.2 million minus expenses of $123.9 million, $3.5 million below the sales figure. Gateway has invested 9.9 million dollars on property and other investments, including Frisco and Dallas campuses.

Gateway Church announced that its workforce in 2017 decreased by 10 to 15 percent. Other church media outlets have taken the smaller propensity to gain national attention.

Robert Morris Books

Being a pastor with an in-depth knowledge of spiritual things, Morris has published many books that have enriched many lives. Some of his books are on spiritual matters while others aren’t. Here are the books written by the best-selling author:

  • The power of Your words
  • The blessed marriage
  • Frequency : Tune In. Hear God
  • The Blessed Life
  • The God I Never knew : How the Real Friendship with the Holy Spirit can Change Your Life
  • Truly free : Breaking the Snares That Easily Entangle
  • The Blessed Church
  • Youthful explorers in Bible Lands: A Faithful Account of the Scenery, Ruin, Productions, Customs, Antiquities and Traditions of Scriptural Countries: as Youthful Pens
  • From Dream to Destiny
  • The God I Never Knew Study Guide
  • Highlights from the Book of Exodus
  • And I will Bless You: Studies in the old Abrahamic Covenant
Robert Morris Biography
Robert Morris Biography

Robert Morris Health

Pastor Morris has had several health challenges. He began to develop abdominal pain and went to check his health status from health professionals. He was diagnosed of a double hernia. On the 2nd of April, 2018, he underwent surgery to annul it. The surgery was quite difficult than expected but came out successful.

Unfortunately for Morris, he began feeling weak just 6 days after the surgery and passed out. Debbie had to inform the emergency unit by calling 911. The paramedics arrived, examined him and brought out that he was dehydrated. He was given two bags of fluid. The paramedics stayed with him until his blood pressure normalized and he was feeling better.

More Health Issues

Not much time after, Morris began feeling faint and his blood pressure dropped again. Debbie alerted the paramedics and a different set of professionals came to examine him. It happened that one of the paramedics was a former medic at CareFlite. He advised that Pastor Morris be airlifted to the hospital to receive further medical care.

Immediately he arrived at the hospital, he was given blood and treated for any possible infections. The doctors in charge discovered that he had hematoma, one larger than the size of a cantaloupe after testing why his blood pressure was fluctuating. The hematoma had formed a blood vessel tear in his abdomen wall.

It was observed after examinations that he needed immediate surgery to repair the tear and halt the internal blood loss. Doctors removed the large hematoma using laparoscopic surgery. The tear was also repaired and the bleeding stopped. After much work, the surgery came out successful and it was confirmed that the bleeding had stopped.

Morris also had another internal bleeding which was solved by the doctors. Right now pastor Morris confirmed that he is healthy and up to do through an update.


Pastor Robert Morris biography is an interesting one. The man is full of enthusiasm towards the work of God. He is such a unique person that can spark up the spiritual life of any believer.

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