Richest Families In History And Their Net Worth

The richest family ever in history evolved from Royalty, International finance, production, and diversified business ideas. Details of which we shall be seeing shortly.

Richest Family Ever And Their Net Worth

The House of Saud

This family is from Saudi Arabia. The family actually ruled Saudi Arabia since the year 1700’s with absolute authority; which made it possible for the family to totally control Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves.That was the basic source of wealth to the family, which is estimated to have a Net Worth of $1.4 trillion. This has made the House of Saud one of the richest family ever in history.

The Rothschild Family

The family wealth could possibly be driven by her motto known as ‘Concordia Integritas, Industria’ which means ‘Harmony, Integrity, Industry’. Mayer Rothschild who being the original patriarch was the assistant and finance manager of the German royal family. He developed a banking system for the German aristocracy after he leveraged his position in Court. For as far back as 1700’s, Mayer Rothschild has been associated with banking which he expanded internationally when his five sons came of age. Mayer Rothschild stationed his sons in London, Naples, Paris, Frankfurt and Vienna with the task of managing his local banking affairs. That resulted to flourished financial empire after some few years. Though it was very difficult to track and verify the sons various holdings among so many descendants, The family is still estimated to have a Net Worth of between $350 billion to $2 trillion and rated as one of the richest family ever.

The Walton Family

The fore runner of this family is Sam Walton who built his family’s retail shopping empire and opened the first Walmart store in the year 1962 which he then called Walmart Discount City. The stores operated under Wal-Mart Stores Inc in 2016. The company’s strength was in the ability of Walton avoiding the competition in the larger Urban centers. He focused on small town and he mastered selection, distribution and supplier contracts. The company grew to be the largest non-government employer in the world. The family is estimated to have a Net Worth of $152 billion.

The Koch Family

This family established an industry known as the Koch Industries which happened to be the Second largest company in the world. The multi-national conglomerate is diversified with much interest in chemicals, commodity trading, oil, fertilizer, ranching, real estate, finance, and house hold items. The company was launched as an oil refinery in 1940 and in 1983, the sons named Charles and David took the company to a much greater height. The family is estimated to have a Net Worth of $89 billion and is one of the richest family ever in history.

The Mars Family

Franklin Mars founded a candy company in 1911, known as Mars Inc. His Son Forrest expanded the company by adding Mars Bar and M & Ms. The Company grew to become the world largest private candy company and this was where the family riches came from. The family was estimated to have a Net Worth of $80 billion.

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