Randy Travis Biography & Net Worth

Randy Travis was born in Marshville, North Carolina on May 4, 1959. His birth name was Randy Traywick and his father Bobbie was a textile factory worker, and his mother Harold, a turkey farmer, horse breeder, substitute school teacher and construction business owner. Randy was the second of six children to his parents.

His father who was a fan of George Jones, Hank Williams and Lefty Frizzell encouraged his sons Randy and Ricky to pursue their musical talents. Randy began playing the guitar at the age of eight and also sang at the Church of Christ. Two years later both Randy and Ricky began performing together at local clubs and talent contests calling themselves “The Traywick Brothers”. However, Randy was a delinquent child who often got in to trouble often leading to his arrests for offenses like auto theft and burglary. He also often fought his father and soon dropped out of school.

Randy won a talent contest in 1975, at a nightclub, Country City USA, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Incidentally this was at about the time his brother Ricky was serving jail time for a high speed car chase offense. The owner of the club, Elizabeth “Lib” Hatcher took a special interest in young Randy and hired him as a cook in addition to regular singing slots at the club. He worked and sang at this club during the late 1970s.

Randy who was still a teenager still ran foul of the law and this time, the judge at his hearing gave him a last chance to mend his ways, promising to send him to jail for a long time, if he ever saw him being brought to his court again.

The young singer was released into the guardianship of Hatcher, who became his manager and both began to focus more seriously on his career.

He recorded a self titled album “Randy Traywick” in 1978 for Paula Records. He also released the following year two singles “She’s My Woman” and “Dreamin” which sadly were both unsuccessful.

Randy moved in with Hatcher and this put a further strain on her fragile marriage which eventually packed up in 1982. Hatcher and Travis later moved to Nashville, Tennessee and both became romantically involved. They later came forward with their relationship and subsequently got married in 1991 at a private ceremony.

Randy Travis Biography

Randy Travis Career

Randy Travis faced a tough time getting a record deal in the 1980s as he got turned down by every major record label. His demo tapes were classified as being “too country” by most record executives. Hatcher had to take up a job managing a nightclub named, The Nashville Palace and hired Randy as a cook and singer. He performed there under the stage name Randy Ray.

Randy recorded a live independent album in 1982 at the Nashville Palace and Hatcher used the album to tie up a record deal with Warner Bros Records. However, label executives insisted as part of the contract that their romance be kept under wraps and randy also changed his name to Randy Travis.

His single “On the Other Hand” was released by Warner Bros in 1985 and it peaked at No 67 on the country charts. He released another single “1982” which became a top 10 hit single and in 1986, his single ” On the Other Hand” was re-released and it became his first number one hit single.

Travis sunsequently dropped other hit singles in the 1980s including, “No Place Like Home”, “Diggin Up Bones and “Lazy Monncricket Nights”. His second Warner Brothers album included a song titled “Forever and Ever, Amen” whcih helped launched the neo-traditionalist country era.

Randy Travis won the Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance, two years (1988 and 1989) in a row. His albums Always and Forever (1988) and Old 8 x 10 (1989) were responsible for this feat. He also got the ACM Award for Best Country Newcomer in 1986.

Randy was also actively involved in philantrophy and in 1991, took part in Voices That Care”, a multi artist project featuring other top names in the industry to raisefunds for allied troops in the Gulf War. Other top singers like Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers and Kathy Mattea were also involved in the project.

He also recorded “Point of Light”, a patriotic song, in response to President George H. W. Bush Thousand points of light program. However, this was without some controversy as Lina Accurso, a New York freelance writer filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission; alledging that the single qualified as political advertising as Bush media consultant, Roger Ailes produced the song’s video and White House publicist, Sig Rogish got some credit as co-writer. The FEC ruled against the complaint with reasons that the song and video “neither expressly advocated the election of Mr Bush, nor did it solicit contributions on its behalf”.

Randy in 1992, took a break from music to face a career as an actor and got roles in several Western -genre films. He however returned to music in 1994 with an album “This Is Me” and a hit single “Whisper My Name”.

He parted ways with Warner Brothers three years later and signed with DreamWorks Nashville. Randy recorded “You and You Alone” and this produced the top 10 hits “Out of My Bones”, “The Hole”, and “Spirit of a boy, wisdom of a Man”. He also recorded “Tonight I’m Playin’ Possum” in memory of his good friend George Jones who died in April 2013.

Randy Travis Age

His date of birth is May 4, 1959.

Randy Travis Wife

He got married to Mary Davis on March 21, 2015.

Randy Travis Biography
Randy Travis Biography

Randy Travis Children

He has two children named Cavanaugh Beougher and Raleigh Beougher. They are from his marriage to Ritchie Beougher, a cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas.

Randy Travis Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 32 Million.

Randy Travis Gospel Songs

Randy Travis biography will not be complete without his foray into gospel music. Travis moved away from mainstream country music in 1999, after the release of “A Man Ain’t Made of Stone” and focussed on gospel music. He within this time released albums , Inspirational Journey (2000), Rise and Shine (2002) and Worship and Faith (2003).  The single “Three Wodden Crosses” became a No 1 hit single and won the 2003 CMA song of the year. In that same year, he got ranked as No 13 on the CMT’s 40 Greatest Men of Country Music.

He released another album in November 2004 titled “Passing Through” and included his song about mothers titled “Angels”. This album was a combination of his country music of earlier albums with gospel influences of latter albums. He also released “Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Worship and Praise” in 2005 and the Christmas Album “Songs of The Season” in 2007. Travis also released a single “Faith In You” as a free download from his oficial website.

In July 2008, he released a new album “Around The Bend” which was a his first of mainly secular recordings in almost a decade.

Randy Travis Movies

  • White River
  • John John In The Sky
  • Texas Rangers
  • The Trial Of Old Drum
  • Baby Geniuses
  • Black Dog
  • The Million Dollar Kid
  • Shooter
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Fire Down Below
  • John Grisham’s The Rainmaker
  • Annabelle’s Wish
  • Frank & Jesse
  • Eddie & Pen
  • Dead Man’s Revenge
  • Young Guns

Randy Travis Discography

  •  Storms of Life (1986)
  • Always & Forever (1987)
  • Old 8×10 (1988)
  • An Old Time Christmas (1989)
  • No Holdin’ Back (1989)
  • Heroes and Friends (1990)
  • High Lonesome (1991)
  • Wind in the Wire (1992)
  • This Is Me (1994)
  • Full Circle (1996)
  • You and You Alone (1998)
  • A Man Ain’t Made of Stone (1999)
  • Inspirational Journey (2000)
  • Live: It Was Just a Matter of Time (2001)
  • Rise and Shine (2002)
  • Worship & Faith (2003)
  • Passing Through (2004)
  • Glory Train: Songs of Faith, Worship & Praise (2005)
  • Songs of the Season (2007)
  • Around the Bend (2008)
  • Blessed Assurance (2011)
  • Influence, Vol. 1: The Man I Am (2013)
  • Influence, Vol. 2: The Man I Am (2014)

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