R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty to 11 New Sex Crime-Related Charges

Popular and Veteran American singerR. Kelly has formally denied the new set of sex crime-related charges leveled against him in the state of Illinois.

According to the Associated Press, On Thursday morning (June 6), the singer appeared in a Chicago courtroom to plead not guilty to 11 felonies related to sexual assault and various abuse in Illinois. The 11 fresh charges against the musician were reported on last Thursday (May 30).

TMZ reports that legal docs for the fresh case state that the singer is accused of forcing contact between his penis and the alleged victim’s mouth. He was also reportedly accused of committing an act of sexual penetration on a victim, who was referred to “J.P.” The alleged incident occurred when the victim was under-aged. The girl was under the age of 18 back in January 2010.

On May 30, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office charged the veteran American singer with five counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and two counts of criminal sexual assault. The veteran singer faces 30 years in prison for each count of the aggravated criminal sexual assault charges.

Kelly’s lawyer claims that the artiste’s new charges are “not really new.” According to the Associated Press, Steven Greenberg stated the offenses “are the same conduct, just charged differently.”

“Same alleged victim, same timeframe, same facts,” Greenberg told the AP.

Greenberg also stated the new charges pertain to one of the victims who has already been listed in his l\ast charges. The lawyer refused to name the victim in the filings, but he’s convinced his client who is R. Kelly will come out victorious.

R. Kelly is due to be back in court at the end of the month of June.


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