Why we Love Purple Lips and how you can rock it today

Purple lipstick is the new Red, it is trendy and quite the glamorous look but then again so are your doubts. It sure looks good than other traditional colours but then again this glamorous colour has got you thinking, How do I rock it and do it well like all the other ladies out there. Well you can and with this few tips will look so radiant, but first, this is why we love a Purple pout.

  1. You can be forgiven for with less makeup

Every beauty queen knows that dramatic lips can attract all attention and lessen effects of other areas of your face. With just a light moisturizer or a bit of foundation, mascara and a purple lipstick; you can kick off looking real good without for that impromptu date. In addition, if you have got eye bags from stress; such a distraction from the corners of your eyes can be so worth it.

  1. You can make the choice of Texture

There are many different shades of purple so you are not caught up with just one choice; You can pick from slick, to creamy, to matte and to so many more. You can go for the bold or timid or whatever you so desire.

  1. Choice of Intensity

You get the choice to pick just how deep you plan to layer it. With just one tube of purple lipstick, you can decide to go for a complete coverage or just a stain on the lips.

  1. Alternative Accessory

Whatever your attire, even when you do not feel like taking the extra time to style it out; A purple pout can make a flattering look out of a simple outfit.

How to Apply Purple lipstick the Right way

When applying on your lips, you have to take an extra care so  that you can achieve that perfect look and not come off as a Clown. Here are tips on what you should do to get what you desire.

  1. Prepare your lips: This is especially important if you plan to use matte, you should never apply on dry lips. Before applying, massage and moisturize your lips with a bit of lip balm or brown sugar/honey mixture. Make sure to wipe off the excess with tissue.
  2. Applying: Next, using your lip brush or the tip of your hands apply your lipstick and make sure to blend properly. Then using your lipliner of the same shades, shape out the corners of your lips so there are no smudges. There are many more different ways to go about it, but remember if it is just a stain; you can go directly from the tube, but if you want a metallic shade or matte; you should be precise and make sure all ends are correct.
  3. Do’s and Don’ts: Purple lipstick is best when you take extra caution, here are a few rules you should bear in mind.
  • Do not do purple lips, eye shadows , mascara or purple clothes together; except its Halloween and you want to get the best Halloween outfit.
  • Do not pair purple with colours such as blues and greens
  • Purple is quite good monochromatic, or paired on your lips with darker outlines or lighter inter areas and lighter makeup on every other end.



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