Popular singer, Rabiu Baba is dead

The Kano based religious singer, Sheriff Rabiu Baba is dead.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Rabiu Baba was found dead in his Kano residence as a resulted of a protracted illness. He left behind a wife with many children.

The well known musician was known to start music in his early 50s and became famous for doing music in his early eighties and nineties.

His religious music were mostly songs that help promote the praise of Prophet Mohammed – May Peace be Upon him because of his songs that went a long way in shaping people’s attitudes towards religious inclinations.

A lot of people around his residence were shocked upon hearing the news and they prayed for the repose of his soul.

While some people spoke with NAN, they expressed optimism stressingthat they are sure he has received mercy for having to die in the Holy month.

Malam Wada Abdulhamid said that what made the singer famous is the new era of praise music he has brought to Hausaland.

“I can recall that he started singing with heavy musical instrument which was new then and he became famous amongst youths.”

A whole lot of women in Kano mourned the deceased and Hajiya Hassan Abubakar said se wept even more upon hearing the news that Baba is dead.

Since this tragic incident, a whole lot of of people took to Social Media to extend prayers for him while quoting some part of his music.


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