Paige Wyatt Biography & Net Worth

Paige Wyatt Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Paige Wyatt
Real Name: Paige Grewcock Wyatt
Birth Date: 30 October 1994
Birth Place: Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Height: 176cm
Weight: 55kg
Sexuality: N/A
Marital Status: SIngle
Children: N/A
Profession: Social Media Star, Model, Reality Television Star, Business Owner
Years active: 2011 Till Present
Net Worth: $1 Million
Last Updated: 2021


Looking very elegant with a slim, 5ft7in tall,  curvy body, Paige Wyatt is an American model and television personality who achieved prominence after featuring in the reality television series “American Guns” (2011-2012). She is known to have beautiful long blond hair and dazzling hazel eyes that compliment her sexy looks. She has the perfect body for a modern model and public figure, and her talents and personality have helped her top the class in her profession. Let’s take a peek through her biography and other details in full so you can know who Paige Wyatt really is, what she does for a living, her earnings from her various businesses, and also her relationship status.

Paige Wyatt’s Biography

Paige Grewcock Wyatt was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States on the 30 October 1994. She is part of a big family of four children, including her older brother Kurt Wyatt, who was also a cast in the hit television series “American Guns”. Paige is a daughter of Renee and her second husband Rich Wyatt, who is a prominent firearms instructor and founder of Gunsmoke Guns. In addition to her big brother Kurt, Paige has two younger step-sisters named Ginger and Brooke.

Paige Wyatt’s Career

Drawn to the family business from a very young age, Paige started learning about guns and how to run a business, and her passion for what she was doing increased as she grew. Once old enough, she became a full-time part of the store, and for some time served as a sales associate, until she was experienced enough to start getting involved in other operations.

In 2011, the Discovery Channel picked up the family and their business to be made into a television series which was branded “American Guns”. The series which premiered on the 10th October 2011 was successful to the extent of raking in more than a million views per episode, and it brought fame to Paige and her entire family to the limelight. With the continuation of the show into a second season, its ratings improved and it became more popular, and thus, Paige’s popularity increased beyond measure, and she became known as a TV star.

Paige Wyatt Net Worth
Paige Wyatt

With the fame she earned from the “American Guns” series, Paige Wyatt soon found a spot on the internet where her popularity on TV helped her secure lots of fans and followers on social network sites. Her reputation grew at length over the years, and has only benefited her fortune. However, following the conclusion of the second season, “American Guns” was canceled, after Rich Wyatt lost his Federal Firearms License for the reason that he was discovered to engage in illegal operations.

Since obtaining a huge attention as a reality television star, Paige launched several accounts on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Her continual presence on such sites has helped her develop her career further, and it is speculated that she now dreams of becoming a professional actress.

Her life on TV by the side, Paige is also a business owner. She took some of the profits she realized from working on TV shows and opened her own business which has only benefitted her net worth and also increased her value. Paige runs her own clothing line through the brand called Hughwear, dealing with men’s T-shirts and women’s tanks among other things. She enjoys getting dolled up and thus successfully running this business. The model also collects autographed clothing and pictures which she sells on her own website known as She has made money and fame from her TV stint and her business as well, and her next agenda is to become an actress. It is clear to see that this beautiful lady has both the looks and gifts to do anything in the entertainment industry, and we’re here on the sides waiting to see what the future holds for her and her family as well.

Personal Life

Although Paige is famous on television and on the internet, she has managed to keep many things about her away from the public eye. Despite her constant appearance on TV, not much is known about her; there aren’t even rumors of romantic associations.

Paige is an unmarried woman, and no rumors exist of her being romantically involved with anyone. Up to date, she has never been linked with any boyfriend or partner and has neither released any official statement regarding anyone she might be having an affair with. It is possible that she is single and pursuing her career of modeling and acting, or dedicating most of her time at her father’s store.

The television personality and aspiring model is an animal lover who owns a pet dog named Malibu. She is also known to be a dad’s girl as there is confirmation that she is very close to her step-father. She loves guns and has her own collection as well.

Paige Wyatt Net Worth

Even at a young age, the American model and TV star Paige Wyatt has managed to assemble a small fortune. She has tasted success in her life as an Instagram model, reality TV personality, and business owner. Since she was a child, Paige was always interested in her family’s business. She started learning everything her father and siblings did at their guns shop, and it helped her in her career which started in 2011 when the Discovery Channel approached the family to turn their business into a reality TV show. She made her debut as soon as the show premiered on 10 October 2011, and the series, entitled “American Guns”, went on to become a massive hit which pushed the entire Wyatt family to the spotlight.

As of this year, reputable online sources indicate that Paige Wyatt makes an annual salary of $250,000 from her works, and this includes her acting roles and her Hughwear clothing line as well. Her popularity has undoubtedly brought her a decent income, as her wealth is now estimated at over $1 million. Her bank account aside, Paige has her own gun collection and still rides her first vehicle; a 4WD Jeep.


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