Nicole Kidman Biography & Net Worth

Nicole Kidman is an Australian-American producer and actress. She started her acting debut in 1983 with the film “Bush Christmas” and “BMX Bandits”. Nicole Kidman net worth as of early 2020 is $120 million dollars. Since 1994, Nicole has been an ambassador for UNICEF and also for UNIFEM. In 2006, 2018 and 2019, she was among the highest-paid actress in the world. She was also named twice by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She is one of the most influential and recognized actresses in the world.

Nicole Kidman Biography

Nicole Kidman was born on the 20th of June, 1967 in Honolulu Hawaii to Janelle Ann Glenny, a nursing instructor, and Antony Kidman, a psychologist, biochemist, and author. She is of an Irish and Scottish descent. Her parents gave her the Hawaiin name “Hokulani” which means Heavenly Star.

She has a younger sister, Antonia who is a TV presenter and also a journalist. Nicole attended Lane Cove Public School and an all-girls, North Sydney High school. At 3 years, she started her ballet class and showed interest in acting during her primary and high school education.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2020
Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2020

Her first inspiration came when she saw Margaret Hamilton’s performance in the “Wicked Witch of the West”. As a kid, Nicole had a stutter and was very timid and shy.

She attended Phillip Street Theatre and also the Australian Theatre for Young People. As a teen, Nicole took up mime, drama, and acting. It was at Phillip’s theatre, she got encouragement and praise to become a full-time actress. This was the foundation of Nicole Kidman Net worth.

Nicole Kidman Career

Nicole Kidman started acting at age 16 and her first movie was “Bush Christmas” in 1983. That same year, she appeared in the series “Five Mile Creek”. The following year, she stopped acting following her mother’s diagnosis of cancer. She went to study massage to help with her mother’s physical therapy. After this challenge, Kidman went back into acting and started gaining popularity. Some of the movies she appeared in are BMX Bandits in 1983, Watch the shadow dance in 1987, Windrider in 1986 and so on.

At the start of her career, she appeared in various soap operas (“A Country Practice” & “Miniseries Vietnam”) and also made appearances on several Australian programs and movies. In 1988, she won an Australian film award as Best Supporting Actress in the movie “Emerald City”. After this, she played the wife of a naval officer in the film “Dead Calm” starring actor Sam Neil in 1989. In 1990, she starred alongside her then-boyfriend Tom Cruise in the movie “Days of Thunder”. This film was among the highest grossed movie that year and also what made her popular in America.

In 1991, she starred alongside Naomi Watts and Thandie Newton in the film “Flirting”. She received her first Golden Globe nomination for the best-supporting actress that same year with the movie “Billy Bathgate”. In 1992, she and her husband Tom Cruise teamed up for the epic “Far and Away”. Then she starred in “Malice” with Alec Baldwin and also “My Life” with Michael Keaton in 1993.

She has appeared in various movies from when she first made her debut to now. Acting is one of the major sources of actress, Nicole Kidman net worth.

Nicole Kidman Movies

As I have said before, Nicole Kidman net worth comes majorly from acting. Some of the movies she has appeared in and their corresponding years are

  • Batman Forever in 1995.
  • To Die For, 1995.
  • The Portrait of a Lady in 1996.
  • The Peacemaker in 1997.
  • Practical Magic in 1998.
  • The Blue Room (A stage play)
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Birthday girl, 2000
  • Moulin Rouge, 2001
  • The Hours
  • Dogville
  • Birth, 2004
  • The Stephord wives
  • Australia, 2008
  • Nine, 2009
  • You will meet a Tall Stranger
  • Trespass, 2011
  • PaperBoy, 2012
  • Queen of The Desert, 2015
  • Big Little Lies in 2019

Nicole Kidman Marriage and Relationships

In 1986, she was dating the actor “Marcus Graham” and after that “Tom Burlinson”. There were also rumors that she also dated “Adrien Brody”.

She met her first husband Tom Cruise in 1989 on the set of the film “Days of Thunder”. They got married on the 24th of December in Colorado. The pair adopted two kids, “Isabella Jane” and “Connor Antony”.  Their spokesperson announced their separation on the 5th of February, 2001 and Mr. Tom filed for divorce two days later. Their divorce was finalized in August that same year.

However, in 2006, Nicole Kidman admits to still loving her ex-husband and expressed shock over their divorce.  She was also dating musician Lenny Kravitz from 2003 to 2004. In 2005, she married country singer Keith Urban at Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel. They have two daughters, Sunday Rose who was born in 2008 and Faith Margaret who was born via gestational surrogacy. They are still together to date.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2020

This woman has made such a name and fortune for herself from all her years of acting. As of early 2020, Nicole Kidman net worth is about $120 million.

Nicole Kidman Personal Life and Views

Nicole Kidman is a catholic woman and has said she will not take on any role in a movie she perceives as being anti-catholic. Nicole has been married twice. First to Tom Cruise from 1990 – 2001 and then to Keith Urban in 2006. When she was divorcing her first husband, she said she didn’t want her children to be raised as Scientologists. In 2009, she testifies to support the International Violence Against Women as a supporter of women’s rights.

Nicole Kidman also supports legalizing the marriage of same-sex in Australia. She has also donated to United States candidates of the Democratic Party.

Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2020
Nicole Kidman Net Worth 2020

Nicole Kidman Awards

She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2003. That same year, she received Academy Award for Best Actress. She has received awards from organizations such as Blockbuster Entertainment, London Film Critics, Satellite, Southeastern Film critics, Guild of film Critics, Empire and so on.

Also in 2003, she received the American Cinematheque Award and back in 1992, she was recognized as the Female Star of Tomorrow by the National Association of Theatre Owners.


Finally, that is all there is to Nicole Kidman net worth, relationships, and humble beginnings. There is every chance that this woman will continue to bloom and excel thereby her net worth is definitely not going to stay the same.


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