Constipation is a very discomforting condition due to  side effects like restlessness, pains, difficult in passing out stool and so many other ugly situations it comes with. This health condition doesn’t just exist on its own without any triggering factors. These could be some of the causes of constipation: Medication, stress, poor diet, lack of water, eating late, sleeping immediately after eating, over feeding, inactivity, etcThis condition might be minor which easily goes away on its own with little or no effort. It also exists in a chronic form which requires an urgent good remedy. That is about natural remedies for constipation.

Natural Remedies For Constipation

  1. Exercise: the act of exercising helps in moving food through the bowel much faster. Exercise is one of the best natural remedies for constipation. You can initiate digestive process by taking some time to move around instead of sitting or sleeping immediately after eating.
  2. Prunes: this is a fruit containing three grams of fibers. Theses fibers aid digestion by triggering the intestinal contraction thereby preventing or eliminating constipation.
  3. Raisins: this fruit is high in fiber just like the prunes. But it has been found to also contain tartaric acid. The tartaric acid has laxative effect which prevents constipation.
  4. Sesame seeds: the oil contained in this seed works as a moisturizer to the intestines, helps in handling dry stools effect and constipation is gone.
  5. Senna: the fruit of this plant is more effective than the leaf. It remedies constipation condition by first of all clearing the bowel adequately. Though very helpful in curing constipation, it is recommended to be used in a very short term at the right dosage. Research has shown it to among one of the causes of liver problem when used in a longer term. Senna pills are also capable of curing constipation. They can be purchased at most pharmaceutical stores.
  6. Psyllium: this is a natural fiber and a member of the plantain plant species. This herb has laxative property which enables it to produce bulk stools. Psyllium might not be the right choice in treating mild constipation and is one of the effective natural remedies for constipation. For chronic constipation treatment, you can combine the herb with other laxatives compounds. Don’t neglect to watch for some of its common side effect like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, allergic reaction, etc.
  7. Sea buckthorn: this is one of the best remedies for constipation. The herb contains Vitamin A and B and all the 7 essential fatty acids including the Omega 7-helps in coating the intestinal tract, lubricate the mucous membranes and fluid movement of the stools through the bowel. All these factors make sea buckthorn an effective means of getting rid of constipation.
  8. Sorrel: this herb has a natural laxative property. You can use it in cooking or use as tea. Though it has a slightly sour taste. For those who are allergic to sour food, you can make any tea of your choice, then steep sorrel leaves in hot water.
  9. Slippery elm: this herb is preferred for its soothing and lubricating effect to the intestinal tract. It reduces stomach cramps, prevents food from gluing to the intestinal walls thereby preventing constipation from taking place.
  10. Fenugreek seed: the seed of this herb also known as cooking herb contains vitamins, minerals and fibers. It’s found useful in helping to settle the stomach by relieving constipation. Ensure to take fenugreek seed in its natural form by adding it to soups, curries, and casseroles instead of using the supplemental form sold in the market.

With the above natural remedies for constipation, it will have no dealing place in your body. But don’t abuse the remedies by eating whatever and whenever you feel like. Watch out for the timing, nature of food and your daily activities as you get ready to enjoy that your favorite meal.


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