Nathaniel Bassey Biography, Career, Net Worth And More

Nathaniel Bassey is a famous gospel singer, music minister and producer. He is among the most talented gospel singers in Nigeria with a lot of awards and recognition to his name. This article captures Nathaniel Bassey biography and other interesting facts about him.


Nathaniel Bassey was born in the year 1978 in Lagos to his Akwa Ibom State parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bassey.

He hails from Ikot Ofon in Ikono local government area, Akwa Ibom State. He was fostered in an active Christian home within the apostolic church.

As a young uprising start, he had an immense desire to take his music to the next level and was inspired by many musicians, as the likes of Dr. Panam Percy Paul. He loved jazz music and spent most of his early days playing to the music of Louis Armstrong, Charles Parker, Hugh Masekela and many other Jazz luminaries.

At one point he teamed up with a group of friends to form a music group. Many years later he traveled to Lagos Nigeria where he joined the Jazz quartet, Spectrum 4.

Nathaniel Bassey is known to have touched many lives with his soul-inspiring jazz music.

Nathaniel Bassey Biography, Career, Net Worth And More
Nathaniel Bassey Biography


Nathaniel Bassey initially began his tertiary education at the University of Lagos in the department of Urban and Regional Planning. But then he received admission in the University of London, and it was at this university that he studied Politics and International Relations.


Playing and singing to jazz music has been all that Nathaniel ever loved. Therefore he officially began his career by imitating and playing to the songs of Louis Armstrong, Kirk Whalum, Phis Driscoll, Miles Davis and others. This was most expressed when he joined the group, Spectrum Four, in Lagos.

Many years later Nathaniel received an offer from a respected Nigerian jazz icon, Elder Steve Rhodes to join the Steve Rhodes Orchestra. He was with them for about two years while singing as a bandleader.

After some years he left this music group to focus on his solo career. And within just a few years he was able to take his unique trumpeting style to the next level having a lot of collaboration with top entertainers and composers within and outside Nigeria such as the American International School, Yinka Davies, Wole Oni, Ayo Bankole, Paul Peterson, Peter King, Teemac and many others.

Nathaniel was able to achieve so much more with his music within these years, that by the time he ministered under the mentor-ship and guidance of late pastor Eskor Mfon of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he had already began to make waves.

Although his music career has not been an easy journey, Nathaniel has gone to many places despite the jabs and jeers from family and friends alike. To further deepen his knowledge of music, he attended music courses in and out of Nigeria including the Middlesex University Summer School UK. This was one of the best things he did that made him so much more as a Trumpet and soul singer.

He composes his songs and is the sole producer of his music, he has also made different records and albums with many different musicians as well.

His debut album “Elohim” was recorded in 2008 at Cape Town, South Africa. Nathaniel Bassey anchors a Christian program called “The Hallelujah challenge”, a thirty-day midnight prayer and praise session held online via Facebook and Instagram which allowed viewers to connect within the hours of 12 to 1 am daily throughout June. The program started in June 2017 and is intended to be held annually in June.

This program witnessed thousands of worshipers, and according to a CNN report, 68000 people followed it on Instagram while 500000 followed on Facebook making it one of the most significant Christian online events witnessed in Nigeria.


Nathaniel Bassey is married to his heartthrob Sarah Bassey, and the family is blessed with two children.

Nathaniel Bassey Biography, Career, Net Worth And More
Nathaniel Bassey Biography


Nathaniel Bassey is currently worth an estimated $950,000



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