Nas Biography & Net Worth

Nas whose real name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones is a popular American hip-hop rapper, record producer, actor and businessman. In 1994, the artiste came into limelight after the successful release of his song titled ‘Illmatic’. That was after the song received rave reviews and topped the Billboard chart. His breakthrough came after releasing the song titled ‘Dissing’, he got the opportunity to feature popular artistes.

Nas (Age, Parents, Siblings & Education)

Nas was born on the 14th of September 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. The name of his father is Charles Jones III while the name of his mother is Fannie Ann. His dad is also a musician while his mother worked at a mail service in New York. He is coming from a family of musicians as his siblings are also musicians.

The name of his brother is Jabari Fret. He is also a renowned musician of his time. Nas is an American and his ethnicity is African American. His religious view is not clear to anyone but a lot of people have rumored that he is an atheist.

In 1985, he dropped out of school and then lost interest in school when his parents separated.

He is 46 years old and he is also known for his good looks. He is 1.73 m tall and has a body weight of 62 Kg.

Nas Girlfriend & Children

Nas Biography
Nas with ex wife Kelis

Nas has a long list of rumored relationships but we will be listing the few significant ones. He is one of the artiste who relationships has not favored. He has dated several ladies. He dated a lady whose name is Carmen Bryan. The lady bore him a child whose name is Destiny Jones. Few years later, they broke up due to the fact that she cheated on Nas by dating Jay Z.

In 2005, Nas dated and married a lady named Kelis. In 2009, the lady gave birth to a son whose name is Knight Jones. Unfortunately, in 2010, the coupled divorced. Since then till date, he is speculated to be single.

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Nas Net Worth 2021

Nas is estimated to worth about $75 million. What has greatly contributed to his net worth is the sales of music albums. A lot of his albums has been certified Platinum till date. He has sold over 25 million records worldwide. His hard work has really paid off for him.

Aside from his music, there has been a lot of rumors that he will emerge to be the richest billionaire musician due to his company, Queensbridge Venture Partners investments. His company has really invested in companies such as Lyft, Dropbox, Rap Genius, SeatGeek and LANDR including others.

In February 2018, One of their recent startup investments, Ring, was picked up by Amazon for a reported $1.2 billion.His other sources of income are his studio game shoe shop, Fila and his investments in Appeal Magazine. He also makes money from Endorsements as he often endorses companies such as Hennessy.

Nas Career Albums, Songs & Awards

Nas Biography

In the early days of his career, his stage name was ‘Kid Wave’. When he came into limelight, he changed his stage name to Nas. In the late 80s, Nas performed as an underground artiste as he did not release his songs officially. Nas first entertained on a live show and was later signed in to Columbia label in 1992, where he released his song, ‘Halftime’. His break through came and he became famous after he released a song titled ‘Illmatic’. The song received rave reviews and also topped the Billboard Charts.

After his massive success and achievement, he got signed to Aftermath Studio where he released singles like, ’Dissing’ and collaborated with other artistes. In 2001, Nas and Jay-Z went into a serious misunderstanding due to relationship issues, and he went on to release, ‘Ether’ which responded to Jay-Z’s criticism.

The rapper currently owns hіѕ own lаbеl, Маѕѕ Арреаl and tо dаtе hе hаѕ rеlеаѕеd mіхtареѕ lіkе Stillmatic (2001), Gоd’ѕ Ѕоn (2002), Ѕtrееt’ѕ Dіѕсірlе (2004), Нір Нор Іѕ Dеаd (2006), Untitled (2008) and Lіfе Іѕ Gооd (2012). In 2012, he bagged a project that got him a private documented platform where he talks more about his lines and gives reviews of his favorite lyrics from other artistes.

Talking about his movie career, he debuted in the movie titled Black Nativity 2013, Nas: Time Is Illmatic 2014, The Get Down 2016 among others. As of present, he has collaborated with several notable names in the music industry such as The Game, Dj Khaled, Will.I.Am and many more top artistes.

Nas has also received a lot of awards in the entertainment industry. He has received 13 Grammy nominations and has won 2 Bet Hip Hop Awards and 1 Sports Emmy Award in different categories.

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Nas Albums

1. Illmatic (1994)
2. It Was Written (1996)
3. I Am… (1999)
4. Nastradamus (1999)
5. Stillmatic (2001)
6. God’s Son (2002)
7. Street’s Disciple (2004)
8. Hip Hop Is Dead (2006)
9. Untitled (2008)
10. Life Is Good (2012)
11. Nasir (2018)

Nas Songs

1. Surviving the Times
2. Less Than an Hour
3. It Ain’t Hard to Tell
4. Life’s a Bitch
5. N.Y. State of Mind
6. One Love
7. If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
8. Street Dreams (remix)
9. Hate Me Now
10. One Mic
11. Got Ur Self A…
12. Made You Look
13. I Can
14. Bridging the Gap
15. Halftime
16. Nas Is Like
17. Thief’s Theme
18. Nasty
19. The Don
20. Daughters
21. Cherry Wine
22. Cops Shot the Kid
23. Get Down
24. It Ain’t Hard to Tell
25. The World Is Yours
26. Life’s a Bitch
27. One Love

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