Top 7 Most Popular Hollywood Female Celebrities on Instagram 2020!

Nowadays, you can find almost every celebrity on Instagram. Instagram provides a vast audience that helps them reach more people across the world, where they can share their moments or promote a brand. Well, in case you are still confused about who are the most famous Hollywood female celebrities on Instagram, your wait is over. Today we will discuss the top 7 most popular Hollywood female celebrities on Instagram. They are the most popular because these celebrities have the highest number of followers on Instagram and frequently get comments on Instagram. So, without wasting your time, let’s dig a little deep.

Ariana Grande

With over 190 million followers, Ariana Grande is holding the first position in this list. Ariana is the most influential and famous actress and pop star in America. Apart from followers, she also has got the highest comments on Instagram. Ariana was born on 26th June 1993 in the Boca Raton city of Florida. Ariana got her fame from a television series Victorious where she performed as the main character. Ariana Grande is a famous celebrity in America, and her photo comes on the cover pages of several leading magazines.

Ariana Grande achieved many awards in her life, some of those are “Grammy award” for best pop vocal album, “MTV Europe music award” for Best Song, the “American music award” for Artist of the year, “Billboard music award” for the top female artist, along with many other awards.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the second most popular female celebrity as she has 179 million followers on Instagram. Selena is the most famous Pop singer in America. Aside from that, she is also an actress and fashion designer. Selena is considered a gorgeous girl with brown eyes. Selena has a unique, attractive personality, and hence she is holding the second position on the list. Her songs are famous worldwide and always a trendsetter. Some of the songs are the heart wants what it wants, good for you, and tell me something I don’t know. At the age of 25, she achieved tremendous success, and it’s only because of her hard work and consistency.

Kim Kardashian

174 million followers are enough to hold the third position in this list. Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous personalities in the world. She is a model, socialite, celebrity in television programs, and above all, she is an entrepreneur. Kim Kardashian was born on 21st October 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA. With an earning of fifty-three million dollars, Kim Kardashian is the highest-paid celebrity on television.


Beyonce has 147 million followers on Instagram. Beyonce’s DOB is on 4th September 1981; she was born in Houston, Texas city in the United States. Beyonce is a multitalented lady and a famous pop singer in America. She is also a dancer, actress, and songwriter. Beyonce is a renowned personality and earned 20 Grammy awards. According to https://www.bbc.com, Beyoncé has been named music’s most powerful woman by BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in 2018.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the most beautiful girl in the world and has an attractive personality. With her beauty and talent, she has 134 million followers on Instagram. Taylor Swift was born on 31st December 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania city in the United States. Taylor Alison Swift, aka Taylor Swift, is a pop singer of America and won multiple Grammy awards at the age of twenty. Taylor Swift became the youngest female to achieve that goal.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, aka J. Lo. Or Jennifer Lopez has 123 million followers on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez is a famous pop singer from America. Apart from that, she is a stunning actress, fashion designer, and well-known dancer in the industry. Jennifer is the highest-paid entertainer of Latin pop; hence being one of the most followed females on Instagram is not a big deal.


Finally, it’s time for the surprise; Shakira is the final lady on this list. Everybody knows Shakira because of her beauty and mind refreshing songs. Shakira was born on 2nd February 1977. She is one of the most famous pop singers of all time. Shakira earned too many national and international awards such as Latin Grammy awards, Grammy awards, Billboard music awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Billboard Latin music awards, etc. Shakira is very successful in her life, and that’s all because of her commitment and hard work, and now she is one of the most followed females on Instagram.


You have completed the list of seven most popular female celebrities on Instagram 2020. This list is made after analyzing each of the Instagram profiles. It covers only female celebrities; hence the ratio of followers may vary. Now it’s your turn to take inspiration from them and achieve something bigger in life.



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