Top 20 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria that Yields Millions In Profit

Are you thinking of owning a business in Nigeria? Then this article is for you. Below are our list of most lucrative business in Nigeria you can consider going into.

Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria that Yields Millions In Profit


Human beings are mobile beings. There is always need to move from one place to another. Majority of people in Nigeria are not car owners, hence they must pay for transportation. Even the car owners don’t go everywhere with their cars. Their cars might be faulty or being unable to drive to certain locations. Transportation is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria for one to engage in.

Fashion designing

Nigerians love to look fashionable and trendy. Once you are able to give them the good outfit they desire, you will be the one running from customers. Because the ones you have crafted a good outfit for can bring some referrals to you.


People in this country have gotten used to buying most of their products online. As little as a pen, many would prefer to search it out online, make comparisons with other ones on different sites and finally bookmark one for purchase. It makes shopping more convenient . You can sell your products even if you don’t own an E-commerce site by using Konga, jiji, etc.

Logistics /Courier Service

This business type help users to deliver goods either within the state, outside the state, within a country or outside the country. And many Nigerians daily use these type of platforms to receive their packages.

Mobile Food Vendor

This could locally be referred to as “Mama Put”. Many workers rush out of the house in the morning with no time for preparing meals. They effectively depend on food vendor for their food needs. This type of lucrative businesses sells very well in a well populated environment.

Real Estate Business

This is one of those lucrative businesses you can be sure of hardly losing money over time. Once you are able to set up this business, yearly you see lots of money flowing in without efforts, because houses and land appreciates over time irrespective of the location.


Nigerians patronize hotels a lot. It could be for business meetings, vacations, and occasions or for pleasure. Imagine someone paying on the average of ten thousand naira or more just to sleep in a room with no free food attached. Once the person is out, the same room is booked again by another user. It’s a daily income generating means.

Waste Management / Recycling

Many people are not aware of this as one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria available. But I can tell you that it is really profitable. In this business the basic raw material which is the waste is totally free. Gather some specific waste around like plastics or cans for recycling and your wealth is sure.


Despite the importation of foods into the country, Nigeria still depend primarily on her home grown food. Make your farming commercial by hiring some laborers, or using machines etc.

Pure water production

Sachet water is being consumed daily by a lot of people. Many can cook with other types of water, like rain, unprocessed borehole water, or well water. But when it comes to drinking, they feel safer drinking the processed water in a sachet or bottle form.

Making of fruit juice

Nigerians like refreshment. Many are so addicted that they can’t have a meal without adding juice to it. That’s why many juice companies in Nigeria like Chivita make billions yearly.

School Owner

Education is close to the heart Nigerians. This type of  most lucrative business in Nigeria is so profitable because of the low salaries of school teachers compared to tuition charged. You can use the school fees from one or two classes to run your expenses, while the rest is for your bank account.

Haulage services

The fact that railway transportation is not so effective in most part of the country makes haulage services one of the lucrative businesses. People who need to move petroleum products or large amount of goods from one place to another use this service.

Importation of used products

Many Nigerians have conditioned their minds to believe that the best quality of any item should be the ‘Tokunbo’ ones. Hence they easily buy tokunbo spare parts, wears, equipment, etc.

Dry cleaning services

With proper handling, this business can make you very wealthy. All you need do is is match your price with your quality of service.This way you will have making customers who will gladly pay you for a job well done.

Professional car wash

Many car owners are either too busy, lazy or unable to wash their cars effectively. Hence depends on the services of car wash centers and thereby making it one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria.


This is an online kind of business. It’s like converting your passion into money by writing articles on the niche you enjoy talking about.

Freelance content writer

This is basically for those who have great proficiency in writing. You can build a good business around by doing copy writing, editing, content writer for both individuals and companies.

Selling of building materials

Many new cites springs forth daily in every part of Nigeria. Most can’t really go directly to the production companies to get their materials. They use local stores around for their purchase.

Apps development

With the right skills, this is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria you shouldn’t lay aside. Almost all Nigerians are users of smart phones and apps make these phones more functional and effective. A single phone user can have up to 20 different apps. Keep designing different Apps and watch the drastic increase in your bank account.

Let us know how this article about most lucrative business in Nigeria has impacted your business development effort.


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