Moonchild Sanelly Biography, Daughter, Boyfriend, Hairstyle, Songs, Net Worth And More

Moonchild Sanelly is a South African singer, songwriter, performer, model and fashionista. Her real name is Seneziwe Sanelly. This article covers Moonchild Sanelly biography and other interesting facts about her.

Moonchild Sanelly Biography
Moonchild Sanelly Biography

Moonchild Sanelly Biography

Moonchild was born on 20th November and grew up in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Her stage name “Moonchild” is a as a result of her spiritual background and is a directed translation of ‘iNyanga’, meaning moon.

She found her love for the spotlight early in life when her late mother put her on stage when she was just six months old. Her love for kwaito, hip hop and Jazz music were mostly as a result of her social experiences in the Durban musical scene.

Moonchild Sanelly who has since moved to Johannesburg has been in the music industry for 12 years; but finally came to limelight after being featured on DJ Maphorisa’s hit single “Midnight” with Busiswa.

She has since performed alongside the likes of Madala Kunene, Busi Mhlongo, Gcina Hlope and others. Moonchild Sanelly has also done collaborations with artists such as BLK JKS, Thandiswa Mazwai, DJ Maramza and others.

Her music and sound has evolved over the years. It has transitioned from poetry to Hip-hop, Jazz and ‘Future Ghetto punk’ as she call it. She has performed both inside and outside South Africa and left a lasting impression on the audience with her riveting stage performances at Sound Festival in Primavera, Barcelona.

Moonchild Sanelly also studied fashion design at a Fashion school and currently makes some of her clothes.

Moonchild Sanelly Daughter    —  Moonchild Sanelly Biography

She is a mother to three daughters who currently stay at Port Elizabeth with their father’s grand mother. One of her daughters, Artemis is also a musician and has reportedly finished recording her EP.

Moonchild Sanelly Boyfriend   —   Moonchild Sanelly Biography

She has a boyfriend names Oarabile who is a copywriter and also a musician. They are both in a loving relationship and in her words “I’m like his inside…he’s probably the most secure guy, cause I’m used to being dumped, because…I’m a fascination, then you come into my space then I’m pressure, then you’re insecure, then I have to dilute my aura” 

Moonchild Sanelly Hairstyle

Moonchild carries a wild mop of striking blue curls as her hairstyle which she has patented. According to her, the hairstyle had become so connected to her image that she had protect it from being high jacked. Its called the “Moon Mop”.

Moonchild Sanelly Controversies

Moonchild has courted lots of controversies as a result of expressing herself freely and being vocal about her sexuality. She has also opened a Naked Club where she performs naked and club members are also required to come naked. Her reasons for such action is that she wants people to be proud of their sex lives and stop shying away from enjoying sex.

Moonchild Sanelly Biography
Moonchild Sanelly Biography

Moonchild Sanelly Songs

Her songs include;

  • The List
  • Cure
  • Winter Breeze
  • Weh Mameh
  • Get To Know It
  • Change Your Mind
  • Run Away
  • Rabubi
  • The Truth
  • F-Boyz
  • All The Joy
  • Nobody
  • Pununu
  • Ocean Deep
  • 6am
  • Be Free
  • Back To Me
  • Let You Go
  • Now and Then
  • Hide Away
  • Every Part
  • Think Back
  • Don’t Wake Me
  • Gone
  • What Shall We Do
  • Buthi Madlisa
  • Guestlist
  • The Things You Do
  • I’ll Make It Easy
  • White Christmas
  • Dance Like A Girl
  • Show The Way
  • Yebo Mama

Moonchild Sanelly Net Worth

Moonchild currently earns from performance fees, music sales and endorsements. She has an estimated net worth of USD 700,000


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