Mike Max Biography & Net Worth

Mike Max Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Mike Max
Real Name:
Mike Max
Birth Date: N/A
Birth Place:
Gaylord, Minnesota, United States
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Jennifer Max
Children: 2
Profession: News Anchor, Radio Host
Years active: 1987 Till Date
Net Worth: $1 Million
Last Updated: 2021

Mike Max is an American news anchor and television host. He is very skilled in the art and there are not many journalists and reporters in the United States that can really be compared to this man in terms of how much he has accomplished in the industry. At the moment, Max serves as a sports director at WCCO-TV. He is also the host of WCCO Radio’s program ‘Sports To The Max’, and is also the Host of Life to the Max and a Sports Reporter on WCCO 4, and The Sports Show on CW 23. Mike Max returned to WCCO-TV as an anchor and sports reporter in 2005, having joined WCCO Radio in 1998.

A Hamline University graduate, Max started his career at WCCO-TV as an intern. He eventually got hired as a producer for sport programs, and soon began reporting for the network. Today, he is known to host the sports program “Sports To The Max” every night from 6:30-9 p.m. on WCCO Radio, from Monday to Friday. Before hosting the radio show, he served as the host of ‘Sports Connection’ on the Mid-west Sports Channel. Apart from being a radio host and news anchor, Max has furthered his talents as a sportsman and has played baseball and basketball for the Pipers.

Mike Max’s Biography & Career

A true Minnesotan, Mike Max grew up in Gaylord, Minnesota, in the United States. It was in this town of 2,000 where he was born and raised that he learned the quality of a person’s life is based on work ethic. He struggled as a young boy but never took his sight off his goals, and made sure he realized his dreams. To bring his heart desires to life, Mike attended Hamline University from where he graduated having minoring in Psychology and Business, and majoring in Telecommunications. He loved sports and played baseball and basketball while in college. It was in college that he started his career as a broadcaster, working at WCCO-TV as an intern.

Upon graduating in 1987, he was instantly hired by the network as a full-time staff, and has been a part of the CBS family since then till today. Currently, Mike Max works as a reporter and sports anchor for WCCO TV and also hosts the nightly radio talk show ‘Sports to the Max’ on WCCO Radio.

Mike Max is also the owner of Mike Max Productions, LLC. His company has produced the weekly television show ‘The Sports Show’ on CW for twenty years. He has also hosted and produced the syndicated program ‘Life to the Max’ where they went around the world in search of the inspiring and positive side of life, something that has provided Max with powerful metaphors and life transforming experiences he shares that helps people to understand that the only way to win in one’s personal journey is to take charge of what one can control.

Mike Max net worth
Mike Max

Since 1992, Mike has been entertaining audiences with his interesting presentation, “Five Observations of People who Succeed”, starting with school banquets and working to Fortune-500 clients. Through his works in the media, Mike Max has a front row seat to the edge of life, having interviewed some of the biggest names in the world, from Kevin Costner to John Wooden to Michael Jordan to Goldie Hahn. His content is filled with events that will definitely take you from tears to laughter, and his stories contain lessons that one would carry with them and share for years to come.

Personal Life & Family

In his spare time, Mr. Mike is an avid outdoors man who works out every day and is a regular on the ski slopes of Colorado. He is also a dedicated family man who relishes his time with his lovely wife Jennifer and their two children. The news anchor as enjoys hunting and sightseeing when he is less busy.

A man that values his privacy, Mike Max likes to keep many details of his personal life private. It is probably the reason he has not yet disclosed much information about his family and other relatives. We also don’t know when he celebrates his birthday as he has never talked about the year and month of his birth.

Mike Max Net Worth

This is a man that gained much more prominence following his involvement in the case regarding George Floyd, an African-American who was publicly murdered by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2020. His active involvement in the case actually did well for his reputation and fetched him much more money as well as viewership, which in turn had a big impact on his fortunes.

As at the time of this writing, Max has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million, all of which he earned through a lifelong career as a Sports Reporter and show host. He reportedly earns around $100,000 every year as the sports director at WCCO-TV, and his wealth also receives massive inputs from other shows and programs he hosts and produces.


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