Mercy Johnson Biography, Age, Husband, Wedding, Movies and Net Worth

Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson biography is about a popular actress in the Nigerian movie industry. She is also a motivational speaker and is a native of Kogi State in Nigeria.

She made her acting debut in “The maid” a movie which she acted as a possessed house help, and her excellent interpretation of this role shot her into limelight and resulted in other movie roles. She hasn’t looked back since then and has acted in hundreds of movies.

Mercy Johnson Age    —   Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson is 34 years old. She was born on the 28th of August 1984 in Lagos, Lagos State.

Mercy Johnson Biography
Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson Education

Mercy Johnson started her academic pursuit at the Nigerian Navy Primary School, Ojo and then moved to the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt for her secondary education. She then got admission into the Lagos State University, Lagos to study for a degree in English Language but had to defer her admission after her second year as a result of financial constraints.

Mercy Johnson Family – Mercy Johnson Brothers And Sisters

Mercy Johnson is from a large family of seven children and was born Mercy Johnson Ozioma. Her father, Daniel Johnson was a military man and her mother was named Elizabeth Johnson. Sadly her mother passed on in 2018. Mercy has three older sisters and three younger brothers and is the middle child or fourth child.

She learnt how to take care of the family and do house chores from her sisters while her brothers made her enjoy and partake in games and activities traditionally meant for boys.

Of all her siblings, she is the only one who is in the spotlight as they lead private lives and she does her best to protect their privacy.

 Mercy Johnson Husband – Mercy Johnson Wedding

She and her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie got married in 2011. Her husband is also popularly called Odi. Their traditional marriage held on the 26th of August at Iyana Iba, Lagos while the white wedding held at Christ Embassy, Oregun, Ikeja. The wedding had in attendance several dignitaries and celebrities, especially Nollywood stars.

Mercy Johnson Biography
Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson Children – Mercy Johnson Kids

Mercy Johnson and her husband are blessed with three children. The first child, a girl is named Purity and was born in 2012. The second child is a son, named Henry and was born in 2014, while the last, a girl named Angel was born in 2015.

Mercy Johnson Twin Sister     —    Mercy Johnson Biography

Sometime ago, the internet was awash with pictures of a lady who looked like Mercy Johnson’s twin sister. We can confirm that she has no twin and the lady in question is only a look alike of the actress. It’s nothing more than a coincidence.

Mercy Johnson Movies – Mercy Johnson Films

Since making her acting debut in 2003 after her secondary school examination, Mercy Johnson has featured in more than 400 movies.

Some of these movies include;

  • 2004 The Maid
  • 2004 Into Temptation
  • 2004 House Party
  • 2005 Women in Power
  • 2005 Lost to Lust
  • 2005 Kill the Bride
  • 2006 Under the Sky
  • 2006 Under Control
  • 2006 Thanksgiving
  • 2006 Sweet Mama
  • 2006 Pay Day
  • 2006 Painful World
  • 2006 One-Bullet
  • 2006 Oath of a Priest
  • 2006 Married to the Enemy
  • 2006 Last Kiss
  • 2006 Endless Night
  • 2006 Emotional Blunder
  • 2006 Dear Mama
  • 2006 19 Macaulay Street
  • 2007 Wealth Aside
  • 2007 Twist of Fate
  • 2007 The Scorpion God
  • 2007 The Last Tradition
  • 2007 Take Me Home
  • 2007 Sunny My Son
  • 2007 She is My Sister
  • 2007 Power of Justice
  • 2007 My Beloved Son
  • 2007 Look Into My Eyes
  • 2007 Kolomental
  • 2007 Keziah
  • 2007 Genevieve
  • 2007 Evil Agenda
  • 2007 Desperate Ladies
  • 2007 Crisis in Paradise
  • 2007 Breath of Anger
  • 2007 Area Mama
  • 2008 Tiger King
  • 2008 The Gods Are Wise
  • 2008 Temple of Justice
  • 2008 Tell Me Why
  • 2008 Soul Of A Maiden
  • 2008 Strength to Strength
  • 2008 Sin No More
  • 2008 Live to Remember
  • 2008 Kiss My Pain
  • 2008 Forest of Promises
  • 2008 Don’t Wanna Be a Player
  • 2008 Corporate Maid
  • 2008 Act of Faith
  • 2009 Tears of Hope
  • 2009 Royal Tears
  • 2009 Sound of Pain
  • 2009 Sexy Girls
  • 2009 Heat of the Moment
  • 2009 Entanglement
  • 2009 Clash of Twins
  • 2009 Beyond Desire
  • 2009 A Weeping Soul
  • 2010 A Cry for Justice
  • 2011 White Chapel
  • 2011 Where Money Sleep
  • 2011 Weeping Soul
  • 2011 The Seekers
  • 2011 The Code
  • 2011 Secret Code
  • 2011 Thanks for Coming
  • 2011 Gallant Babes
  • 2011 Mirror of Life
  • 2011 End of Mirror of Life
  • 2011 Jewels of the Sun
  • 2011 Heart of a Widow
  • 2011 Heart of a Fighter
  • 2012 World of the Mind
  • 2012 My World
  • 2012 Mercy the Bus Driver
  • 2012 Heart of a Saint
  • 2012 Sins of the Past
  • 2012 Hand of Fate
  • 2012 Brave Mind
  • 2012 Deep Water
  • 2012 The Enemy I See
  • 2012 Power Of A Kiss
  • 2013 Baby Oku In America
  • 2014 Hustlers
  • 2014 Bloody Ring
  • 2015 Thy Will Be Done
Mercy Johnson Biography
Mercy Johnson Biography

Mercy Johnson Awards    —   Mercy Johnson Biography

  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Live To Remember) at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2009
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Live To Remember) at Best of Nollywood Award 2009
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role (Weeping Soul) at Nollywood Movies Award 2012
  • Best Actress in Comedy (Dumebi The Dirty Girl ) at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award 2013
  • Popular Choice – Female at Nollywood Movies Award 2014

Mercy Johnson Net Worth

Mercy Johnson Net Worth is estimated at about N 600 million or $ 1.65 million. She currently earns about N 3.5 million or almost $ 10,000 per movie. She also makes money from endorsement of popular brands.



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