How to unhide & recover hidden files on your memory card & USB drive

If you’re having an issue of a corrupted memory card or storage memory e.g a flash drive, this article is for you. Varying kinds of memory card faults typically occurs possibly due to corrupted sectors on it caused by malware attack or the interface of the memory chip being dented by the surface of the memory card slot in your device unintentionally as the case may be.

A whole lot of these times, users may find out that their files no longer appear on the computer when inserted into the memory slot or on your device. The following are some steps you can take to unhide your files so that they become visible:

How to unhide & recover hidden files on your memory card & USB drive


Step 1: Solution through the Folder view option

  1. Open ‘My Computer’ and click tools then under ‘Folder options’, click ‘View’. Kindly check the box beside ‘Show hidden files’ and then uncheck. Did it work?

Step 2: Solution through Registry function – ‘regedit’

  1. Open the ‘Run’ application by clicking on the Start Button and selecting ‘Run’ or typing ‘Run’ in the search interface in the case of Windows 8 and newer versions. Or simply using the shortcut, ‘Windows Key + R’
  2. Type in the box, ‘regedit’ and click ‘OK’
  3. Regedit then opens, navigate through the various subsections through HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsfot\Windows\CUrrentVersion\-Explorer\Advanced
  4. Now right-click on Hidden and select Modify. Change the value under this to 1 and click Ok to save
  5. Your USB drive is now good-to-go and you should be able to see your previously hidden files

Step 3: Solution through command prompt

  1. Open command prompt by clicking Start, Command Prompt or search using ‘command prompt’ in the search bar as in Windows 8 or newer. You can also open the command prompt through ‘Run’ by typing “cmd” in the Run search box.
  2. Once command prompt is opened, type the location of your USB drive of memory card as shown in the My Computer pane e.g “:b:”, “c:”, “d:” etc. and press Enter
  3. Type this command, attrib –s –h –r d:\*.* /s /d (Ensure you use the drive letter of your USB drive or memory card in place of where you have “d:” in the command) and press Enter. This should run for some minutes before going to a new line of command.
  4. Type “dir” and press Enter, this should show you all files in your USB drive or Memory card including your hidden files which would now become visible. (N/B: “dir” = Command shortcut for Directory, so this simply lists all items/ files in your memory)
  5. After closing command prompt, you may want to scan your USB Drive or Memory Card with an antivirus program to be sure there are no inherent malware.

I hope this helps.


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