Megan Wallace Cunningham Biography & Net Worth

Megan Wallace Cunningham Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Megan Wallace Cunningham
Real Name: Megan Wallace Cunningham
Birth Date: 1975
Birth Place: United States
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Craig Ferguson
Children: 1
Profession: Art Dealer
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $3 Million
Last Updated: 2021


When art meets the artist, big things of perfection happen. Indeed, the same is the case of the subject of this writing; Megan Wallace Cunningham, and her millionaire husband Craig Ferguson, who is a successful actor, television personality, director, as well as a skilled writer. Although Megan on her own part has achieved success as an art dealer, most people know her as the wife of a famous and rich husband.

While her husband, Craig Ferguson is the most popular among the two, it is important to know about Megan Wallace Cunningham, what she does for a living and how the things she accomplished in the earlier stage of her life led her to meet the man of her dreams who she is now married to. Let’s stay tuned and glued to this page to know all the important things about the lady herself.

Megan Wallace Cunningham’s Biography & Career

Megan was born somewhere in the United States in the year 1975. Although there is currently no information regarding her childhood, we know that her parents were from Vermont. There are also no details on the identities of her parents and siblings as well (if she has any). Furthermore, details of her ethnic background have not been obtained at this moment. We also cannot tell the schools she attended and graduated from, we have nothing on her educational background and academic background. It seems she has intentional kept all these details away from the public and we respect her decision to maintain a quiet private life.

Before she found love and married her husband Craig Ferguson, Megan Wallace Cunningham was an unknown figure in the media. This could also be the reason why only very little information about her can be obtained in the media at this time. She gained extensive media attention when she tied the knot with the famed television personality, stand-up comedian, voice artist and write, Craig Ferguson. Craig is widely recognized as the anchor of the popular TV show ‘The Late Show with Craig Ferguson’. Additionally, he has also appeared in many movies and television series including ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘Kick-Ass’, and ‘Vampire Bats’, among others.

Not much is known about Megan’s professional career asides the fact that she is a woman that is deeply involved in the business of art dealing. She earns an income from being an art dealer and participating in the business of distributing or marketing the art works of both upcoming and prominent artists.

Personal Life & Family

Megan Wallace Cunningham is a happily married woman. As already mentioned above, she is pleased to be married to the popular American television show host, author, actor, and comedian Craig Ferguson. After meeting each other at an event, the pair decided to get to know themselves and spend time. It resulted in a relationship where they fell in love and dated for three years. As the lovebirds couldn’t get enough of each other, they eventually came to a decision to take their love affair to a higher level. They said their wedding vows and became one on December 21, 2008. The couple’s wedding rite took place in Chester, Vermont at Megan’s parents’ farm.

Thirteen years have gone by and the duo are still living happily together with no serious issues at all. Their marriage has been blessed with a son named Liam James Ferguson. From all indication, their marriage is a happy one and appears to be going strong as there’s no news or rumors regarding any kind of marital problems.

Personally, Megan has managed to keep most of the information about herself and her business away from the media spotlight. It is also an effective way through which she has managed to stay out of problems and not be a part of any controversies in her career. There is no rumor concerning this lady, her career, and her marriage at this time. She has done well to maintain a decent and positive status in the society despite being associated with a celebrity figure which led her to be a subject of attention in the media, and we believe she deserves accolades for her composure and humility despite having tasted mainstream fame.

Megan Wallace Cunningham Net Worth

Even though this lady has a life of her own, people mostly associate her to her rich and famous husband, American television personality and actor Craig Ferguson. However, on her own part, Megan Wallace Cunningham is capable of making wealth for herself as someone who is deeply connected to the business of art dealing. She has always worked for her money since she entered into adulthood, and was actually earning a decent wage before her husband came for her hand in marriage.

As at this present time, not so much is known about her earnings from art dealing or exactly how much she earns due to the nature of her career. However, several online sources claim that she has a net worth of $3 million. Though nothing has been verified by Megan or her husband, we are sure that her family is living lavishly and happily, and also support each other in every way possible.


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