Martell Holt Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, Shows, Awards and More

Martell Holt Net Worth 2020 and Biography

Popular Name:Martell Holt
Birth Name:Martell Holt
Birth Date:N/A
Birth Place:Huntsville, Alabama, United States
Marital Status:Married
Melody Holt
Profession:Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur, Businessman
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$20 million
Last Updated:2020

Martell Holt is an American television actor, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his role on the television show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”. Here’s all the information we could gather on Martell Holt net worth 2020, biography and lifestyle.

Martell Holt’s Early Life

Martell was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2008 from the University of Alabama A & M University. He previously worked as a teacher at the Sparkman Middle School for a period of two years before his resignation in December 2010. This gave him enough time to focus on his landscaping company which soon began to gain a number of residential and commercial contracts.

Martell Holt’s Career

The reality television star has always had a candid interest in real estate business. This is the main reason why he decided to complete courses in Real Estate in 2006, studying at the National School of Real Estate. In 2009, Martell assisted in establishing the Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. Currently, he is a recognized member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Martell Holt Net Worth 2020
Martell Holt Net Worth 2020

Away from his real estate business, Martell Holt is a reality television star. He stars in “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” on OWN network. His wife Melody Holt, also stars in the same show. She is the CEO of Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. The reality series is centered on the lives of three African American couples who are into real estate in Huntsville, Alabama. The stars on the show include Martell Holt and his wife Melody, Marsau Scott, Maurice Scott, LaTisha Scott, and Kimmi Grant. The couples on this show are avid socialites and longtime friends with very solid points of view. They help the town of Huntsville develop with their real estate venture, “the Comeback Group”, as they make efforts to confront the realities of love, marriage and Family while striving for success.

Martell Holt is also an author. He has wrote a reasonable number of books and articles which are obtainable on his own website.

Awards & Achievements

Martell Holt has registered as a serial achiever. He has established himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur who co-established the Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. He has moved into starring in OWN’s reality show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”, and is doing well for himself in various areas of his life. Although his award cabinet is currently empty, the future definitely holds something good for this hardworking television actor, author, and businessman.

Personal Life & Family

Holt is wedded to Melody Holt. Many people know the couple for featuring in the reality series “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” alongside two other known couples; Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott, and Kimmi Grant and Maurice Scott. Holt’s wife, Melody, is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and co-founder of their multi-million dollar business empire, the “Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship” LLC. The couple have 4 young children together.


While both partners have been able to balance family matters, business, and show life, their marriage is shaky at the moment with Melody Holt calling for a divorce. On the season premiere of the show, Melody called her husband a “serial cheater”, and has stated she isn’t convinced that he will ever be faithful.
Their relationship was in turmoil for many months. Melody found out that Martell was cheating on her with another woman named Arionne Curry, for nearly five years. Although Martell denies those allegations, Melody really doubts him. Fellow reality star and co-star on the show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” LaTisha Scott has claimed Holt is in love with this woman. This situation could cause potential damages to the star. Depending on any legal cases involved, it could also cause serious problems for his money as well.

Martell Holt Net Worth 2020

It’s no surprise that this TV star makes tons of money. His number one source of income is from his real estate business, as well as his latest career as a reality television star who makes appearances on the OWN reality TV show “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”. Here’s what we’ve got on Martell Holt net worth and salary.

Salary & Earnings

It’s safe to say that Martell Holt is a huge earner. He makes quite a lot of money from his real estate business. He is the co-founder of the Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC. He is also active in show business as a reality TV star. Moreover, he is active in bookselling and other merchandise. He is the author of the book ”The 9 to 5 Entrepreneur: Twelve Questions to Consider Before Taking the Leap”. This book and many more important information about Holt is available on his personal website.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

Mr. Holt lives a king’s lifestyle. According to his wife, the TV star spent a lot of money on luxury cars, jewelry, and many other costly items during his extramarital affairs. He owns a fancy house in Huntsville Alabama and rides a couple of expensive cars as well.

Martell Holt net worth 2020 has been acquired through his involvement in real estate and also by working as a television actor. He reportedly has $20 million in his wallet as of 2020, and it is expected that the entrepreneur’s financial situation will continue to be on the increase as long as his company continues to gain balance and wide spread.


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