Marriage is now a joke – Eriata Ese

Singer, model, actress and mostly well known as an ex-Big Brother Naija fake housemate of class 2017, Eriata Ese might not have ever been married but she’s obviously miffed about the spate of marriage breakups in recent times.

Sounding as gloomy as a monk beholding the end of days, the curvy beauty poured out her heart about how love and marriage have finally become a joke.

“A lot has changed In this century. Love is not what it use to be. Back then love was all that mattered. We didn’t use to care about fancy houses and cars, we didn’t use to mind flying okada with someone we are in love with, we didn’t use to bother if there was no money to buy fancy shoes and clothes, all we wanted was just one another and build our dreams with amazing and beautiful words,” she began, bemoaning the lust for material things of life instead of true love and how this has gone so far to ridicule and spoil the hallowed institution of marriage.

“Now marriage is a joke, people now walk in and walk out like it’s a classroom, nobody wants to ever admit they are wrong, pride has set in and being loyal now seem like a big deal. There’s no longer an understanding that things ain’t meant to be rosy all the time, having patience and tolerance ain’t as easy as it used to be and jumping into conclusion is the other of the day.”

“Most women go into marriage because they want to be financially comfortable, that’s why they never remain in the marriage when financial crisis occurs, they move onto the next one, then the men just want to marry a beautiful woman who has a good job/business and then when childbirth disfigures her body they start looking for younger girls, they can’t cope with your flaws because they never saw your inner beauty from the start, they didn’t think that the reason why you look like that is because you agreed to be a mum and a wife”

“Lying to someone we love was so difficult, but now they’ll look you in the eye and lie to you without raising brows of guilt or even feel guilty. Now everybody wants a trophy relationship that is based on luxury activities, why? Because social media happened, everybody wants to be talked about on the media and in the society,” the actress and ex-bbnaija housemate wrote in a lengthy post on her Instagram page.


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