Ultimate guide to kickstarting your makeup business in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered just how profitable is the makeup business in Nigeria? Do you want tips on where to advertise your makeup business? Are you simply clueless about how to build a successful makeup business brand

Well, stick with me because we are going to have lots of fun and learn so much more.

makeup business in nigeria

I did a little search across Google. I wanted to see what other writers had unearthed about the Makeup business. There was only one thing. The information is redundant, repetitive and almost nonsense. Many were clueless about your needs. Or maybe they just wanted you to click and read for their own benefits.

I’m not here to share that general information. I am here to help you grow, to help you build that business of your dreams. The Makeup business in Nigeria is booming.

It is highly competitive. But only a few individuals with the right strategies can grow. So you want to tighten your seat belt from the onset. You can’t afford to go into this business with your eyes closed. So shine your eyes, read and apply the principles you need.

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First Question: How profitable is the Makeup Business in Nigeria?

One of my fellow Nigerian bloggers actually said that you can’t depend on these fields alone for survival. Well, it all depends on what you know and what you do. I met people who actually live and breathe makeup. That’s their work and they are swaying with it.

Yes, your makeup kit would not come cheaply. Neither would you begin to make that much money from the onset. But with your passion and hard work. as well as your creative abilities to sell yourself. You will make it.

It is important we know that Nigerians are actually beginning to see the difference between applying makeup for your own little outings and getting professional work.

Today, the average Nigerian gets the work of a professional to things like workshops, matriculations, weddings, convocations, business seminars, tours and even for just a walk down the street.

We have come to realize that that professional glow is not strictly meant for brides. We may need it for many other things.  So, it all depends on how you and what you want to do about your business especially in terms of pricing. We will discuss this in subsequent areas.

Benefits of becoming a professional makeup artist

makeup business nigeria

So let’s start with the basics. We all know what we gain by the professional touch. But what is really in for you as the makeup artist.

  1. Flexible Schedule

Yup, as your own boss, you get to decide what jobs you want to take and what you don’t need. This career is simply flexible because you can easily transition from salon to a clients residence and back. You can decide your hours, how late or early you want to work. In many cases, your clients will simply adjust to fit your desires.

2. Travel

You won’t be stuck doing it in a salon. At least once in your career will be spent enjoying the funs of combined work and vacation stunts. In addition, you won’t be spending a dime on these journeys. If you are like me and you love traveling, It’s an amazing benefit. Even when you don’t, remember that you are the boss and you can always reject the job.

3. Money

There are unlimited ways to make it work in this industry. You don’t have to stick to the average Saturday and Sunday activities. You can specialize or you can run a multipurpose outfit. Whichever you choose, there will be lots of clients for you.

4. Creativity

There’s really nothing better than having the opportunities to play with textures, shades, colors and just as well. If you are even blessed with a crazy client, then fell dree and create unique images.

5. Meeting New People

No matter where you work, you will always meet amazing people. Well, we all know that there will be some snakes in the midst. But generally, there’s away an avenue to meet someone who can give you a connection to new jobs, new friends or just a couple of hours of jokes and laughter.

6. Makeup Discounts

When you buy in bulk, you always get half the price. However, since you are starting out. it may not work for you as easily as it looks. But there are lots of companies out there who are willing to give you discounts if you promote their business and vice versa. You just have to figure them out.

7. Recognition

Life as a makeup artist will always come with opportunities to receive credit. Magazines, fashion shows, TV series, and many amazing events will give you the opportunity to have your name featured. With these recognitions come more jobs and opportunities to even write your own TV shows. The possibilities are simply endless, all you need to is get your name out there for the world to see.

8. The feelings of fulfillment

There’s nothing so worthwhile as watching your clients smile at the lovely image you made of them. This is the best part of working as a makeup artist. You will be able to know what applies to which skin tone. What colors, face shape, maturity and just as much as everything to make them feel good and glow. On the other hand, you get instant satisfaction for a job well done.


What opportunities are open in the makeup Business?

There are so many kinds of avenues open to the makeup business. You can join fashion shows, media houses or get involved in makeup for fill and television.

You can also concentrate on makeup for photo shoots. There are many more areas including travel makeup assignments ( with musicians) or bridal makeup.

You can also follow up with birthdays, business seminars, engagements, prewedding photoshoots, dedications, anniversaries and many more.

Many of your clients will be repeat customers as they pass through many memorable experiences in their life. Identify all kinds of makeup business ideas and combine them as a beginner.

Tip One: To keep your clients coming back, don’t offer strict prices. Make certain occasions cheaper than others. Partner with companies to offer discounted cosmetics in exchange for makeup sessions. There’s just so much you will be able to do.

How to start your makeup business

makeup artist nigeria

So let’s get right into the things you need for your new found business. Here are some of the steps you will probably take as you progress.

  1. What do you have in your hands?

Do you want to serve an elite group of clients or cater to the average man? These would determine the lessons you need.

You can’t afford to get into the market with just your average knowledge of makeup. Get good training from exceptional areas. Invest in online courses, read books about makeups but in all things ensure you learn in structured steps.

A good way to start is by understanding face shapes and what works. Followed by gaining knowledge about skin and makeup related issues. Following these two, seek knowledge on Makeup and their contents.

This basic information will help you when choosing makeup tools so you don’t start with the very expensive but can still give your clients the best service.

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2. Identify your target market

Your next step would be to figure out how you really want to get started. If you have quite a bit of cash, would you be willing to spend lots of it without reaping rewards immediately, then you can stick with elite clients.

But, if you are struggling to make ends meet, you should save up your pennies and offer your services to the average income people.

The bottom line, no matter how you get started, offer quality service. You don’t have to get too fancy but always offer makeup that will stay with your client for most of their day.

3. Equipment Needed

A professional should never compromise his or her work tools. Quality work is always expected whether you are serving low-income earners or not. Here are some things you need.

  1. Brushes

Your entire business rests upon eight basic brush types. The brush is your best friend. It can make or mar your business.

It includes the fluffy powder brush, concealer brush, foundation brush, blush brush, small blending brush, flat eye shadow brush, precision angle brush, and lip brush.

But be careful when buying these brushes. You must ensure that you get the best kinds. You can’t afford to settle for anything less.

Other makeup products you will need includes foundation, powder, primer, mascara, blushes, lip liners, lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, concealers, and many more. Again the quality is important, but you don’t have to start from the top. By gaining knowledge about the chemicals used by different companies, you can get a good idea of the ones that should work for you. Here in Nigeria, companies such as Zaron Cosmetics, Glams Nigeria, Lagal Nigeria offers discounted sales when you register as their distributor.

Make-Up Studio Equipment

Do you really need a studio to get started? Absolutely not, But there are a lot of pieces of equipment you may need even if you want to offer your services in the homes of your clients. You may need cleaning materials, minute essential mirrors.

If you want to invest in a studio from the onset, then you have to go all out and get all the essentials. All of these pieces of equipment can be purchased online or via the counsels of your makeup course instructors.


if you want to operate a studio, then you have to be very careful about picking your location. You can’t afford to situate your studio in the midst of smoke, dust, and noise.

Clients want to relax while they are getting their makeup done. In addition, you shouldn’t venture too far from the road. You need a location that is both accessible and able to promote your business.


The era of setting up shop without even picking a business name is long over. You need a business name, and effective logo and brand influencers. Therefore, you also need to make good use of the online as well as the offline space. Branding is a very effective form of marketing your business. Everyone wants to be associated with something. So even if you don’t plan on getting workers any time soon, the simple idea of making all that you do, human, branded and professional is enough to get the clients.

Where to advertise your makeup business?

If you have the right amount of funds, you can invest in billboard advertisements. But if you don’t there are many more effective ways to sell yourself.

Make use of your Social media platforms and build very effective business pages. Get your friends involved and offer them free makeup sessions in exchange for lovely photos to add to your online portfolio.

Use all kinds of social media accounts including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and get involved in online photo contests.

All of these will get your name on the lips of individuals and help them become more familiar with your brand. When they need makeup services in the future, you will be the first person to call.

Write your makeup business plan

where to advertise your makeup business

Now you have a good idea of who your target audience is and how you wish to begin your business. It is important you structure out your desires into a precise and concise manner.

You don’t have to get too fancy and find a business template. If you are not going to go looking for a loan anytime too, a simple notebook will make do to structure out your vision and help you reach all your goals. Here are some key areas you should spell out.

1. Startup capital:

Figure out the tools you need and how you plan on getting the funds for them. Do a market survey and outline the costs of each tool. Should you spend your entire savings of these tools now or buy in batches. By outlining you will figure out what works best for you.

For instance, if you already have customers of diverse skin tones lined up for the month. You may buy up everything as long as the fees from these clients would be able to keep you going ( even if it won’t turn up profit or cover your expenses ).

2. Marketing strategy:

Will you use billboards or letter handbills? Will you indulge fully on the web or stake out weddings. You have to write ou your strategies so it becomes easier to follow them to the later.

3. Working capital

Before you go into any business, you have to figure out how you plan on dealing with expenses especially during the first months, when you will be spending a lot of money with no income or profit. Think about the sacrifices you will have to make to get the right clients.

The freebies, discounts, and packages to keep them coming back. Spell them out in works so you can always look back and check out completed areas.

How to grow your makeup business?

So you have gotten the basics covered. It is time to grow your business. There are many things you can do to set your business apart, here are some makeup business startup tips to use in growing your makeup business.

  1. Work it before you build it

You and I share an exceptional dislike for working for others. We all do. but there’s no better way to become better than sucking up your pride and putting in the effort to work under others. Seek out voluntary work for established professionals, brands and companies. Doing this will help you determine how to take your own business to the next level by setting it apart. You will also meet people who like your unique signature and won’t want to work with you on a one-on-one basis. These kinds of knowledge will also help you figure out the mistake that you should not make when you finally get your business off the ground.

2. Fill Your Calendar

Setting the right price is important. But as a beginner, you should be prepared to sell your services for peanuts. Start by booking as many clients as you can get your hands on.

You should know that the more experience you get, the better paid you are for your services.

Be prepared to run up the ladder patiently. By doing this, you get the chance to network with all kinds of people and establish repeat clientele.

3. Don’t ignore the fact that it is a business

There are many aspects of your business that will remain unpaid but are vital to keeping you running. These include your websites, social media accounts, invoicing and many more. Treat all aspects of your makeup business as a business.

This will eliminate avenues where clients do not want to pay for a job well done.  In addition, allocate time to checking out your progress and refining your strategies.

By doing a quick checkup on your progress from time to time, you can identify the strengths of your business as well as areas you need to improve on.

4. Seize every opportunity you see to network

Reach out to all kinds of shops, dress shops, shoe shops, videographers, hair stylists, local photographers and lots more.

Attend weddings, birthdays and seek events where you can connect with new people. Be willing to express your passion in all scenarios.

Never leave home without a business card. Let them know you will love to work with them whenever they need a makeup artist.

5. Be humble and grateful

There will always be clients that test your patience. Do not rise up to the occasion of insults and malice. Treat all tensions with a great deal of detachment and professionalism.

Appreciate everyone who helps you or gives you a chance. Believe in an ethically run business.

Don’t pinch your pennies too tight and be ready to offer your services at inconvenient times or more below the ideal prices. Be kind and care about others. These little acts or show of kindness can make you very successful in this industry.

Seek out the right mentorship

Getting and keeping clients is one thing. You have to keep your dream alive. Get in touch with high-end brands out there for inspiration and encouragement. In this section, I will be listing out some top makeup brands in Nigerian you will want to emulate as well as top makeup brands in the world to get inspiration from.

Top International makeup artists to emulate

  1. Bobbi Brown
  2. Laura Mercier
  3. Richard Taylor
  4. Billy B
  5. Pat McGrath
  6. Charlie Green
  7. Rick Baker
  8. Stan Winston
  9. Michele Burke
  10. Sam Fine

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Top Makeup artists in Nigeria

  1. Anita Brows
  2. Joyce Jacob Beauty
  3. Doranne Beauty
  4. Flawless Faces by Jane
  5. Bregha Beauty
  6. Jide of St.Ola
  7. Dazelta
  8. D’artise by Dodos
  9. Tennycoco
  10. Bibyonce

makeup artist

Concluding thoughts

Building a successful makeup business in Nigeria demands a lot of grit, patience, and courage. I believe that with these tips and tricks in this guide, you can build that dream business and join the astonishing number of successful makeup artist in Nigeria and the world in general. Feel free to send in your questions in the comments section. I would love to share other tips with you and help you build that business of your dreams. All it takes is just a step forward, you will be rewarded in just a little time.



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