Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemons And Medicinal Uses

Lemon is one of the most widely used citrus fruits in the world which belongs to the Rutacea family and a native of Asia. This fruit is oval to round in shape with a visible bulge at one end, and thick and leathery skin. The inner flesh is extremely sour, used to add flavor to dishes, refreshing smell, highly acidic, and tart flavor. Lemon health benefits and medicinal usage are several and are highlighted below

Lemon Health Benefits

  1. Controls high blood pressure: lemon juice contains high content of potassium. This element controls high blood pressure and makes it also very beneficial for the prevention and in the treatment of various heart diseases.
  2. Respiratory disorder: lemon juice being so rich in Vitamin C is effective in relieving respiratory and breathing problems including asthma. It can also aid in the treatment of long term respiratory disorders.
  3. Improves dental health: lemon has a significant medicinal usage in the areas of teeth health. Perfect white teeth can be obtained by using toothpaste that is mixed with few drops of lemon juice. Doing this again prevents mouth odor and bad breath. For a bleeding gum, just massage some lemon juice on the gum. Finally on this; lemon juice can be used as a pain reliever in the treatment of tooth aches.
  4. Cold and fever: lemon juice helps in the production of antibodies and white blood cells which fight against the body’s micro-organisms. As a result of the vitamin C content in the lemon juice, cold, flu and fever can be prevented. It may also be used as a blood purifier and cures disease such as malaria and cholera.
  5. Aids digestion: lemon content of Vitamin C and fibers aids in the production digestive juice which relieves heartburn, belching, bloating and gastric problems. A glass of lemon juice taken with warm water in the morning aids proper digestion, reduce stomach upset, fever, toxins removal from the kidney, improving and purification of the blood.
  6. Antiseptic usage: lemon juice contains antiseptic properties which when applied to the skin enhances the treatment of eczema, acne, blackheads, bee sting, wrinkles, sun burns, dandruffs, hair loss, and all forms of scalp related issues.
  7. Improves weight loss: Lemon health benefits include its use for the treatment of obesity or burning off some body fats in a much faster rate, you can tune to a lemon diet by drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and honey first thing in the morning.
  8. Stops internal bleeding: Antiseptic and coagulant properties are present in lemon juice which makes it useful in stopping internal bleeding including nosebleeds. This can be done by applying some lemon juice to a small cotton ball and placing inside your nostril.
  9. Arthritis treatment: lemon juice has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make lemon very effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.
  10. Boost immune system: lemon juice can improves the body’s immune system, hence enhances the removal of toxins from the kidney, digestive system and total purification of blood.

Lemon health benefits makes the fruit a must have from time to time.There are different ways to consume this citrus type of fruit; lemon can be incorporated into vegetable juice, used in salad dressing, used as lemon water or taken in its raw and natural form. Whatever aim you want to achieve medicinally and health wise from the application of lemon, don’t  forget to watch out for some of its prevailing effects when being over used such as; heartburn, tooth erosion, frequent urination, dehydration. You can revert to us on how this post has benefited you, possible suggestions and additions through the comment box below. See you there!


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