Khaligraph Jones – Biography, Career, Net Worth And More

Did you know that Khaligraph Jones is the rapper who did the first verse of Beyonce “formation.” Read this lovely tidbit to find out about all about him.

Khaligraph Jones is a Kenyan artist whose real name is Brain Ouko Robert. He is a Kenyan hip-hop rapper, and he is widely known for his hit songs “Yego.”He completed his high school education at Brucewood Kenya and Bachelor’s degree from United States International University (USIU).

Khaligraph Biography /Early life

Khaligrapy was born on the 12th of June 1990. His influence in music began through his elder brother who persuaded him back in 2007 to take his talent to greater heights. Although before this time at the age of 13 in 2004, he had released an explosive first track. With all of this, he grew stronger in the talent of battling and freestyling.

At a very young age, this talented rapper had already fallen deeply in love with music and was widely known for his lyrical prowess. The hardship he faced even at that time did not faze him. Instead, they made him stronger, and it made him even more comfortable in the hip-hop scene. It is no wonder he can balance rapping with English and Swahili fluently without losing a single flow. It would interest you to know that before going on to the hip-hop scene, he also tried out the Gospel music scene but saw that the hip-hop scene was more of his calling.

Khaligraph Music Career

Khaligraph Jones known by many as Baba Yao made an impressive entry into the music scene in 2007 at the age of 19. After this, he worked with many Kenyan hip-hop stars such as Ulopa Ngoma, Mirth of Klearkat, Kaytrivx, DJ Creme, Dela Crewe, Abbas Kubaff, Chiwawa  Christine Apondi, Rabbit, Kristoff, Stella Mangwii and xtatic.

In 2016, he worked with Nigerian musician and hip-hop artist M.I on the “Black Bill Gates” hit track. This song was found a buzz in the M.I. “Illegal Music 3” mixtape. It would interest you to know that he has recorded well over 400 songs and written many verses for other rappers and musicians all over the world. One of his known songwriting – the first verse of Beyonce “formation” Khaligraph songs.

Khaligraph Jones Cars

Khaligraph likes cars and has a whole fleet of them. However, his most favorite trio are Range Rover, Subaru and Toyota Mark X that he owns.

Khaligraph Jones Girlfriend

Khaligraph Jones apart from his love for his elder brother and musical influencer had a special someone in his life.

Its definition however changed recently. His ex-girlfriend of many years with whom he began his journey into the music scene by the name of Kanini Manungi AKA Cashy is no longer his girlfriend. She is even rumored to be pregnant at the moment.

He now has a new white and curvaceous girlfriend, Georgina who he stated is expecting his baby. However, he refuses to comment on the rumored pregnant ex-girlfriend scenario.

Khaligraph Jones Songs

  • Micasa Sucasa
  • Yego
  • Watauga Hawajul
  • Mazishi
  • Toa Tint
  • Khali
  • The Khali cartel
  • We Be happening
  • I am King Rip Competition
  • Omolio
  • Testimony
  • Mariga Money
  • Songea
  • I Run the 254
  • Mario

Khaligraph Jones House, Net worth/ Endorsement deals

Khaligraph Jones is a multimillionaire with a lot of endorsement deals beneath his belt. He has had such deals with Kenyan companies such as Belaire and EABL worth a lot of figures (7 digits and upwards).

His estimated net worth is KSH 35 million. He is one of the ten most wealthiest rappers in Africa.

His home in Kenya was furnished with a whopping Ksh 3 million which is a whole lot of figures to take in. But the question in everyone’s heart is whether he rented or bought the house.



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