Kerith Burke Biography & Net Worth

Kerith Burke Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Kerith Burke
Real Name: Kerith Burke
Birth Date: 23 February 1983
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
David Burke
Children: N/A
Profession: Sportscaster, Reporter
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1Million
Last Updated: 2021


Bearing an uncommon name is a one good way to stand out in any population, but for the beautiful American journalist, Kerith Burke, her uncommon name that is always mistaken for up to four different names is not something she is mostly known for. Kerith, whose name was chosen from a James Michener novel is well-known for the work she has done in her career as a sportscaster and is one brilliant woman that has created a significant image for herself in the field of sports journalism. Reading on with this article tells you everything that you need to know about the gifted American journalist Kerith Burke. Also get to find out all that she has achieved in her career within the last decade and also how much she has made from her lucrative profession of journalism. So, if you’re ready, let’s go!

Kerith Burke’s Biography

She was born on 23 February 1983 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Her parents raised her in several regions in the country as the family moved frequently because of her father’s job in the army.

After graduating from high school, she joined Murrow College of Communication and graduated from the institution after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication & broadcasting. Achieving this feat was the springboard that Kerith needed to launch a career in broadcasting for herself.

Kerith Burke’s Career

As already established, this lady is a sports journalist and reporter. Her career in journalism started when she joined the television station KEPR CBS19 as a reporter and also worked with the station as a photographer. After working at this television station for a while, she moved on to KTVB News Network in 2017 and worked there for a short time before moving on once more.

Kerith Burke Net Worth
Kerith Burke

The first major highlight of Kerith Burke’s career came when the journalist got the opportunity to work for SportsNet New York. She got the role of an anchorwoman at this television station and played her position to the fullest, emerging one of the best talents the station has had in recent times. Burke reported mostly during basketball games from the sidelines. She was also tasked to serve as a reporter for the male and female basketball teams of the University of Connecticut. Between 2013 and 2016, Burke she covered the national championship events of the two teams.

The United States women’s basketball team took part in the 2016 Olympic Games that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Kerith was one of the reporters that covered the progress of the team.

All the work done at different television stations by Kerith Burke enabled her bag a job with the renowned station NBC Sports. Working with NBC Sports, the diligent reporter had to work with the Golden State Warriors. As a member of the reporting team for the Warriors, Burke was positioned as a sideline reporter. When her employment was announced, Rick Welts the team’s president described her as being a wonderful fit for the job. With this role, she has had the chance to interview some of the sport’s biggest players and has covered live games. She has equally hosted pre-game sessions in addition to post-game sessions.

Personal Life & Family

Kerith Burker is the wife of David Burke, a man who prefers to keep his professional life and activities away from the media. After dating for a while, the lovebirds married each other in a small ceremony in September 2018.

Though Burke spends a lot of time in front of the camera, she still finds a way to keep several aspects of her life away from the eyes of the public. Just like her husband, David, she also likes to maintain a low profile and doesn’t give out much information except if its work-related. Till this day, nobody knows the identity of her parents and siblings (assuming she has any). She spends time with her husband when she isn’t working, and combines with him to make great decisions and plan their family.

Awards & Achievements

Although Burke has served in the industry for many years, there are currently no prestigious prizes or awards associated to her name. She is yet to officially clinch any trophy for her steadfast and remarkable performances. However, her lack of awards doesn’t take anything away from her achievements. She has earned a reputation for being a very smart sportscaster whose brilliance has been the selling point of her career. After graduating from college, she found a spot to practice her profession and has since transformed into a big name in the American media. Also a married woman, we have to give her the credits she deserves for being able to maintain a successful career while also adequately managing a decent family life.

Kerith Burke Net worth

For a journalist and sportscaster with her experience coupled with the number of years she has spent in the world of journalism, it is expected that this smart and hardworking woman earns a salary of more than $23,000 monthly. She has been able to work her way through several prestigious organizations and has emerged a top sports presenter with a net worth of $1 million.


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