Keeping Fit, Healthy And Active Without Hitting The Gym

Keeping fit is important because when life becomes hectic, our health is one of the first things to suffer the consequence. Probably you tell yourself “there’s just no time to relax,” and before you know, you’ve added weight, become stressed out, and feel like you’ve lost all control over your health and even your life.

You know you need to keep fit and get active, but you don’t have time to go to the gym. Don’t worry, you can always keep fit without hitting the gym.

There are a few fun and creative ways of keeping fit and enjoying all the benefits of an active lifestyle without hitting the gym. Some of these are listed below.

Keeping Fit, Healthy And Active Without Hitting The Gym

Exercise your mind! 

Keeping fit is not only about taking good care of your body, but also your mind. Too much stress can result in weight gain and other severe health issues.

Taking a little time throughout the day to clear your full head will help to play down your stress levels. Look for a quiet space and take around 5 to 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to close your eyes, erase your thoughts, and breathe deeply in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Bike or walk to work. 

If you usually drive or take public transportation to your workplace, bike or walk instead. By getting in a little activity before you get to work, you’ll boost your metabolism and have more energy and a sharper focus to get your works done.

Take a lunch break. 

Research has shown that sitting for a long period of time can add to metabolic syndrome, obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, and even cancer. Desk jobs can be dangerous to your health in cases like this. Take regular breaks so you can stretch and walk around the office, and go on a walk after eating your lunch to aid digestion. A short stroll after your meal can also help you to clear your mind for better focus.

Hydrate often

Take regular trips to the water fountain. This will not only help you stay hydrated (offices can be very dry and stuffy, especially in dry season) but you’ll also teach yourself to take washroom breaks more often. When you do have to visit the washroom, make use of washrooms that are located on different floors to add a few extra steps.


There’s a reason why Zumba and Bollywood-style fitness classes have grown so popular: They’re fun and exciting. When you are hanging out with friends, look for some place with good music and step on to the dance floor. You’ll be whining, twisting and turning, burning calories,keeping fit and toning your abs without even feeling as if you’re working out.

Use your lunch break

Stroll, walk, jog or cycle during your lunch hour. Consider doing these workout routines since they can be done anywhere.

If you’re concerned about getting too sweaty, check if there’s a restorative yoga class not far from your office. You’ll get in a beneficial stretching session and you wouldn’t have to shower afterward.

You don’t have to risk your health because of your job. Get up and start keeping fit. Remember, health is wealth.



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