Jeffrey Bruce Livingston Biography & Net Worth

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Jeffrey Bruce Livingston
Real Name: Jeffrey Bruce Livingston
Birth Date: 4 October 1985
Birth Place: Dunedin, Florida, United States
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 183cm
Weight: 85kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Abby Huntsman
Children: 1
Profession: Businessman, Financier, Business Analyst
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $1 Million
Last Updated: 2021


Some people eventually get the taste of prominence after having gone through a lot of struggles in their life. But there are also individuals that achieve success and fame easily particular through renowned members of the family. We’re about to discuss a topic that is related to the logic above. Just in case you’re wondering who is he or she is (as expected), bear in mind that we’re talking about no other person but Jeffery Bruce Livingston. Livingston is a noted American businessman, financier and business analyst who became popular in the media after his marriage to the famous American television personality Abby Huntsman. Although he had always had a career of his own prior to meeting the woman he got married to, he wasn’t a very popular person in the media. He wasn’t even popular in his locality. However, things changed and he rose to stardom when it was revealed that he was the charming man that has captured the heart of the already popular television personality Abby Huntsman, who also happens to be the people’s favorite. Well, you really should read this article till the end if you want to know the details of Jeffrey’s career, marriage, finances and accomplishments as a business owner and business analyst.

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston’s Biography & Career

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston was born in Dunedin, Florida, in the United States of America on 4 October 1985. He is the son of Bruce V. and Deidre Sharp Livingston, a couple who owned and managed a particular business enterprise which constructs and markets dental equipment.

For his education, he attended Wharton School, Pennsylvania University, and graduated from the institution after earning a Finance and Management degree.

After completing his education, he decided to do some small jobs since nothing considerable was available to him at that time. He ended up taking on several small businesses until he reached the stage where he started a professional career properly. He joined McKinsey & Company and worked there for a while until he was deemed fit enough to be promoted, so he was elevated to the role of business analyst which he held onto until 2010. Towards the middle of the year 2010, the promising business analyst was moved to the organization’s branch in Beijing.

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston Net Worth
Jeffrey Bruce Livingston

In 2012, Jeffrey Bruce Livingston became a member of KKR. He operates at the company’s office that is situated in New York where he handles private equities of the company. Additionally, he is a member of the leisure and hospitality industries and financial services division of the firm. He is the leader of the team that is dedicated to handling the tasks of auditing and controlling events in the said department.

Jeffrey serves on the board of the Apple Leisure Group and Sedgwick Claims Management Services as well.

Personal Life & Family

As mentioned above, this businessman is a happily married man. After dating his girlfriend and best friend for many years, he decided it was time to take things to the next level. So, in 2010, he got married to Abby Huntsman in a marriage ceremony that was highly publicized due to Abby’s popularity in the media as an accomplished television personality.

Jeffrey met Abby the first time while she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and they bonded instantly and eventually started dating. Two years after completing her studies, Abby thought it was a wise thing for them to do if they took their affair a step further. Jeffrey, who also had a similar idea, wasted no time before proposing to her, and they walked down the aisle in the presence of family members, close friends, and colleagues. With their blissful married life, Jeff and Abby are now the parents of a lovely daughter named Isabel Grace who was born on 29 November 2017.

Abby Huntsman is a famous television personality. She is also well known as the daughter of 2012 American presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and   his wife Mary Kaye Huntsman. For the presidential campaign, Jeffrey Bruce Livingston was Jon Huntsman’s surrogate and financier.

Although the businessman maintains a quiet life and doesn’t have any social media accounts, his wife is a big name on social networking sites and often shares pictures and information about her husband and their child as well as other of their activities to her tons of followers.

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston Net Worth

Looking at his track record and achievements so far, it is fair to say that the businessman and business analyst, Jeffrey Bruce Livingston, has had excellent professional life so far. At just 35 years of age, he has earned a reputation for his brilliant performances as a financier and also for his methods of handling clients in his job. It is said that he makes an annual salary of $150,000 as a financier and business analyst, leading him to accumulate an overall fortune that is currently tipped at $1 million. On the other hand, his wife, Abby, takes home an average of $3 million annually and sits on a net worth of $30 million. She currently occupies a position on the list of the richest journalists and television personalities in the United States of America.

Even though the businessman and his wife earn an extraordinary sum and own a massive fortune combined, they have managed to keep details of their properties and assets away from the attention of the public. While we’re yet to gather information on where the couple reside and the kind of cars they ride, we do know for sure that they’re living a fulfilled life and are enjoying their wealth together as a happy family.


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