Jason Njoku Biography, Net Worth And More

Jason Njoku is the young man behind the biggest online Nollywood TV called ‘iROKOTV’. This article is about Jason Njoku biography, family and net worth and other information you may not know about him.


The iROKOTV founder/CEO, Jason Njoku was born on the 11th of December, 1980 and was raised by his mother in Deptford, south east of London alongside his other siblings. His mother who worked a full time job at the National Health Service was a tireless and tenacious hard worker who ensured the best for her children.

Jason Njoku started off his education in the UK before he later moved to Nigeria at the tender age of 12 years old and then stayed until he was 15 years old before he headed back to the UK where he completed his A levels education and then again proceeded to the University of Manchester to study Chemistry and later graduated in 2004 with a 2.1 grade.

Jason Njoku Biography, Net Worth And More
Jason Njoku


Jason Njoku biography would be incomplete without his successful exploits in business even at such a young age. Having tried out on several businesses without much success, Jason Njoku moved back to his mother’s house in Deptford, London where he took time out to discover an idea about starting up a Nollywood online distribution business and then flew back to Nigeria to understudy the Nollywood industry.

Upon research he discovered that there was no standard distribution platform of nollywood movies online.He subsequently partnered with a friend of his named Bastian Gotter to set up a youtube channel and afterward iROKOTV was borne.

No doubt, iROKOTV is sometimes referred to as the ‘Netflix’ of Africa. Henceforth, the duo of Jason Njoku with his partner Bastian Gotter started off purchasing online licenses of the Nollywood movies. At this time Jason Njoku was working from his two bedroom apartment in FESTAC area of Lagos State of Nigeria, and he later struck a deal with YouTube in Germany to be the official channel partner for Nollywood Company.

Jason with his partner have been able to secure funds from institutional investors to grow the brand. An initial investment of $3 million dollars from Tiger Global Company in 2010 and an additional $22 million dollars from an international venture Capital which included investments AB Kinnevik and RISE Capital.

Ever since then iROKOTV has remarkably grown its capacity to a catalogue of over 5,000 movies with its offices in Lagos, New York and London. Going forward, Jason and his partner, Bastian in 2013 launched a $2 million dollars investment funds for startups known as Spark.

The initial investment of Spark was in 11 companies which includes a drinks distribution company known as Drinksng;, a real estate and property letting agency and a hotel room booking site called amongst other investments.

However, in 2017, Jason’s business partner, Bastian Gotter left his position as COO/CFO after working together for four years successfully with iROKOTV.


Jason Njoku, in 2012 got married to a talented Nollywood actress and producer, Remi Njoku in FESTAC area of Lagos State with friends, colleagues and celebrities all in attendance to honor their wedding.

The couples have been blessed with three wonderful children.

Jason Njoku Biography, Net Worth And More
Jason Njoku and Wife


Jason Njoku has enjoyed a lot of fame and recognition for his business acumen and was recently cited by Forbes Africa in July, 2012 as one of the Ten Young African Millionaires to look out for.

He was named the CNBC All Africa Business Awards in 2013 as the Young Leader of the Year for West Africa, and he was equally listed as Top 1000 Most Creative People in Business.


Jason Njoku is estimated to worth about $40 million dollars which is based on his shares in iROKOTV, ROK, Spark, Blackbet, etc, and this has put him on the list of the richest and influential entrepreneurs in the tech and innovative industry.


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