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For a reminder, Jane Pauley is an American actress, television journalist and author who has been actively reporting news since 1972. She is the anchor of the show CBS Sunday Morning.

Jane Pauley previously held a position on NBC ‘s Today program for 13 years, followed by another 12 years of working as co-host of Dateline NBC. She has publicly disclosed her struggle with bipolar disorder.

Jane Pauley Biography

Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020
Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020

Jane Pauley was born Margaret Jane Pauley in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States on October 31, 1950. She is the second child of Mary and Pauley, a homemaker and traveling salesman. She grew up idolizing her older sister who has been her closest pal since childhood.
After graduating from high school in 1968, Jane Pauley attended Indiana University, where she majored in political science. After three years at WISH-TV, in 1975, she joined veteran anchor Floyd Kalber to work at NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV to become Chicago’s first woman co-anchor on a major evening newscast, marking the beginning of her career with NBC. Barely 10 months later, at the age of 25, Jane was selected as a replacement for  Barbara Walters on the Today show.

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Jane Pauley Career

In 1983, Pauley became an emblem for working mothers after birthing twins. Her pregnancy was closely followed by the general public and media.

In 1989, speculations implying that newsreader Deborah Norville was to switch with Pauley were on the increase after Deborah was given a bigger part within the two-hour broadcasts. In October of the same year, Jane Pauley announced that she would be leaving the Today show so as to spend more moments with her three children. On 26 February 1990, it was reported on the NY Times that since 26 January, the Today show suffered a ten percent loss in audience. It also fell to second place within the top network rating charts, coming behind ABC’s morning America. Pauley’s absence was noted to be among the foremost important factors for the show’s decline in ratings. In a 23 June 1990 article of the NY Magazine, it had been reported that for a one-year period from February 1989 to February 1990, the Today show lost an estimated $10 million due to its 22% slump in ratings. The article was titled ‘Back From the Brink, Jane Pauley Has Become America’s Favorite Newswoman’. She received on the brink of 4000 letters from her fans after her she announced she was quitting the Today show. Among these letters was a letter from Michael Kinsley who mentioned her as the ‘heroine of his generation’. Pauley received tons of media attention soon after her announcement. Her image was featured on the duvet of the December 1989 issue of Life as well as the 23 July 1990 cover of latest York Magazine which called her ‘The Loved One’.

On 13 March 1990, she returned to the air on an NBC prime time special titled ‘Changes: Conversations with Jane Pauley’. In a piece of writing by the Washington Post dated 15 March 1990, it had been reported that this prime time special acquired a 13.3 national Nielsen rating value also as a 24 percent audience share. In 1990, along side Candice Bergen and Jay Leno, Pauley co-hosted the 42nd Primetime Emmy Awards. She also began serving as a substitute anchor for NBC Nightly News during this era.

Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020
Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020

In the summer of 1990, after the success of her primetime special ‘Changes’, NBC announced five one-hour specials titled ‘Real Life with Jane Pauley’. These five shows also had excellent ratings resulting in the launch of another half hour series with an equivalent title from January 1991. This show was however canceled in October 1991, after airing for less than one season. NBC launched its latest news magazine show Dateline on 31 March 1992.

From 1992 to 2003, she co-anchored the show along with Stone Phillips. She also anchored ‘Time and Again’, a half hour show that aired on MSNBC during this period of time.

In 2003, Pauley made the choice to not renegotiate her soon to expire contract. This decision took NBC all of sudden. In 2004, Jane Pauley net worth was again impacted when she made her return to television as the host of ‘The Jane Pauley Show’. The chat show was a syndicated series distributed to other networks by NBC Universal. Despite the show not doing alright and ultimately getting canceled after only one season, Pauley called it the ‘proudest year of her life’. Subsequent to the cancellation of her show, Pauley made a variety of television appearances including a half hour show on PBS titled ‘Depression: Out of the Shadows’. This show aired in May 2008. In 2008, Pauley also campaigned for President Obama in her home state of Indiana. She made her return to the Today show in March 2009, hosting a weekly segment titled ‘Your Life Calling’. This led to Pauley releasing her second NY Times best-selling book Your Life Calling: Re-imagining the remainder of Your Life.

On 30 December 2013, Pauley along side her former Today show co-host Bryant Gumbel and former Today show anchor Matt Lauer and current weather anchor Al Roker reunited for a special reunion edition of the Today show. On 27 April the following year, Jane Pauley began contributing to the CBS Sunday Morning show as a correspondent and substitute host after making an appearance during a segment called ‘where are they now’.

On 25 September 2016, it had been announced that Pauley would be taking up as host of the CBS Sunday Morning show. She was to fill certain the retiring Charles Osgood. She began her duties serving as the host of the Sunday Morning show on 9 October 2016.

Jane Pauley Personal Life, Marriage, Relationship, Children

Jane Pauley is married to Garry Trudeau. He is a cartoonist, and the creator of Doonesbury. They are richly blessed with three children and two grandchildren. Their wedding took place on June 14, 1980.

Jane Pauley serves on the board of dírectors for the Children’s Health Fund in the city of New York. She is a member of The Mind of Trust Board of Directors. The Mind Trust is an Indianapolis-based non-profit organization which supports education innovation and reform.

In 2009, Mrs. Jane Pauley lent her name to a health center – the Jane Pauley Community Health Center, a facility in collaboration with the Community Health Network and also the Metropolitan School District of Warren Townshíp, Indiana. This health center serves the local community, including students and their families, regardless of income or insurance, with emphasis on integrating dental, mental and behavioral health.

There are a total of 15 centers, most on the east of Indianapolis where Pauley grew up.

Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020

Jane Pauley Net Worth in 2020 is estimated at $40 million, garnered from years of working as a journalist and television show host.

Jane Pauley Books

Jane is the proud author of two books, which not only brought her income, but also impacted people’s lives around the world.

Her first book Skywriting: Life Out of the Blue was published in 2004. Five years later, she published her second, Your Life Calling: Reimaginíng the Rest of Your Life. Both books are best sellers, and have been well received by critics and analysts alike.

Awards And Achievements

Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020
Jane Pauley Net Worth 2020

Jane Pauley is a multi-award winner. In her career, alongside fame and wealth, she received awards for her active broadcast journalism, and also for being the author of two best selling books.

  • Glamour Woman of the Year, 1990
  • An induction into Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame, 1998
  • Honorary doctorate from Trinity College, 1998
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Best Story in a Newsmagazine, 2002
  • Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Program, 2015
  • Paul White Award for Lifetime Contribution to Journalism, Radio, and Television News Directors Association
  • Walter Cronkite Award, Excellence in Journalism
  • New York Times Bestseller

Jane Pauley Net Worth — Conclusion

Despite her struggles with bipolar disorder, Jane Pauley never gave up on pursuing her career, while mentoring and touching lives. In her 2004 autobiography,  Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue the author gave details about her experience with the disability. She states that her disease was triggered by the medication which she took after she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction that turned into hives, and despite all the odds, she has done well to put herself in the map of history.

Jane Pauley Net Worth is well deserving for all of the efforts, dedication, and hard work she has put into her professional career.




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