James Goldman Biography & Net Worth

James Goldman Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: James Goldman
Real Name: Jim Goldman-Gardner
Birth Date: 17 May 1948.
Birth Place: New York City, New York, United States
Age: 72
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Julie (Divorced)
Amy Gardner (M. 1970)
Children: 4
Profession: Journalist, Reporter
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $2 Million
Last Updated: 2021


Mr. James Goldman, known professionally as Jim Gardner, is an accomplished an American journalist and family man who loves his profession as much as he loves his family. He has been married to Amy Gardner for several decades, and his dedication to his career hasn’t reduced his love for her and their children. A Columbia University graduate, James Goldman currently works at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a news presenter. He has been a journalist for over forty years of his life and is now looked up to as a mentor and icon of journalism. We will now take a closer look at James Goldman, a.k.a. Jim Gardner’s biography in full, and get to know more about the man’s life, accomplishments, success story, family and financial situation. If you’re ready, let’s proceed.

James Goldman’s Biography & Career

James Goldman was born as Jim Goldman-Gardner in New York City, New York, United States on 17th May 1948. His educational records show that he graduated from Columbia University in 1970, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in the process. It was during his time in the University that he had his first ever experience of broadcasting journalism. He also attended Brown University to continue his education and graduated with a Master’s degree in a similar discipline.

As already mentioned, Goldman started working as a journalist when he was a student of Columbia University. In 1968, he for the WKCR-FM university radio station and reported the story of the “Historic Student Riots” in Columbia. In 1970, he joined 1010 WINS in New York City and served the organization as a producer, journalist, and desk assistance.

James Goldman Net Worth
James Goldman

In 1972, Goldman joined WFAS radio in White Plains, New York, and worked there as a reporter before assuming the duties of a news director later on. In 1974, he quit his job at WFAS radio and moved on to WKBW-TV in Buffalo in New York where he started a career in television broadcasting

As of today, James Goldman works at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a news presenter, and has been with the station since 1 June 1976. He actually hosts at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. newscasts every weekday, and he has held this role since 11 May 1977.

Since 1980, Goldman has covered every Republican and Democratic national convention, interviewing every major presidential candidate and president since 1976.

Awards & Achievements

Mr. Goldman is currently 72 years old. He has been a journalist for the past four decades and has undoubtedly left a mark in the industry. Many young people today look at him as a mentor and do as much as dream of following his path to success. Through his style and personal characteristics, the television presenter has influenced many people across the world and has touched the lives of many of his viewers. He has also motivated several of his colleagues in the industry and has helped them get better on the job.

So far in his lifetime, Goldman has been awarded and duly recognized by many organizations in the United States. He was awarded The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia’s “person of the year” in 1996, and the same organization came back for him in 2003 and tried to induct him into their Hall of Fame. To the amazement of many, James Goldman humbly and respectfully declined his induction, notably making the remark “I do it for the love of the game”.

Personal Life & Family

Not so much is known about his parents, siblings, and other relatives. He has concealed many private details about himself and the media respects him to leave things that way.

James is a happily married man and father figure. He is currently married to businesswoman Amy Gardner who he married in the year 1970 after meeting her for the first time at WPVI’s sales department. Before meeting Amy, James Goldman was married to his former wife Julie.

He is a father of four adult children. In his first marriage to Julie, he had two children named Josh Gardner and Jen Gardner with her. His current marriage with Amy has produced two daughters named Emily Gardner and Jesse Gardner.

The American journalist lives in his huge mansion in Villanova, Pennsylvania, in the company of his wife Amy and all his four children. When he is not too busy handling office responsibilities, Jim is busy with his wife and children at home, spending family time with them, or just relaxing his aging body.

James Goldman Net Worth

Mr. Goldman has worked as a journalist for the most part of his professional life. He has been in the journalism field for over forty to fifty years and has earned most of his fortune from this very demanding job. His current contract with WPVI is expected to pay him over $50,000 annually, and his net worth as at this time is approximately $2 million.


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