Homeless Nigerian Refugee Kid Becomes New York Chess Champion

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, a homeless Nigerian refugee kid wins New York Chess Championship to become new Champion.

Adewumi competed and won the third -grade category ( The kindergarten through third-grade age group) of the Chess Championship in New York City, where himself, his parents and elder brother live in a homeless shelter.

Remarkably, the eight year old only started learning chess last year alongside his classmates.

Coaches at the tournament were amazed at Tani’s aggressive styled and surprised on learning that he learnt the game at a public school and only started playing last year.

Tani and his family fled Nigeria in 2017 as a result of the persistent Boko Haram terror threats against Christians in the northern part of the country.

His father works two jobs while his mother is still searching for one so the family can move out of the homeless shelter into their own place.

This will enable Tani have his own room where he can store his seven trophies at the moment, including one that is almost as big as he is.
Tani has set his next target for winning the national championship for elementary school students in May this year. He also disclosed that his ultimate goal is to become the world’s youngest grand master.
His success story has brought a lot of goodwill to himself and family with former US president, Bill Clinton inviting the family to his office. Tani has also been featured on CNN and his family has been given a home by a good samaritan which will enable them move out from the homeless shelter.

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