Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Every Woman Should Know

Heart Attack is very common in today’s world but it can be avoided if we are informed and take the right decisions on time. Heart attack symptoms in women is what every woman should know and watch out for.

As Women we are bound to the act of multitasking, we have got to think about the home as well as run the domestic chores, get to deal with the children and the errant hubby as well. It is a non-ending wheel of tasking, but you have to watch out for a heart attack.

From time to time, take a step back and consider just how breathless, anxious, lightheaded your head feels. Yes, this scene does arise and you have to be on the lookout. You probably may be experiencing a heart attack; and a lot of us have gone to the great beyond just by overlooking it.

Cardiovascular diseases are among the greatest killers of our time; and often come without any such apparent signals. It affects Men and Women alike, but according to research, Women are less likely to get in touch with the doctor immediately because we have a lot of other things to deal with before our health. As Women, we do not take our health very seriously and often say “we feel fine” to get going with other areas of life.

Well we do have to change that notion now, and this is how you can do it, all you have to do is look out for this systems and do insist on getting to the Doctor’s as soon as you can, the emphasis is laid on the word “Soon.”

Heart attack symptoms in women

Heart Attack Symptoms In Women Every Woman Should Know

  1. Feeling like you have got an Elephant in your chest

This is an old saying and does relatively apply to what you may think at such time. This feeling has also been described as a feeling of fullness, pain, squeezing or pressure in your chest region.Chest pain is one of the most regular heart attack symptoms in women. If you do get such chest discomforts that are very consistent, then it is time to visit the Hospital for a checkup.

  1. The feeling of Tiredness

Although there may be many other diseases that will cause Tiredness, when you do feel some sense of fatigue whether it is very early in the morning or late at night, with increasing dislike for getting out of bed or performing your daily tasks, then it is time to give your Doctor a call.  This is especially more important if you do feel such fatigue when performing the smallest duties, then you should take it seriously.

3. Crushing Pain in your Jaw Region

The most common symptom may be chest pain however, many women report feeling pain in their arm, back, or even jaw, Hayes says. You may be tempted to write it off as a strain from a workout or a bad night’s sleep, but if your pain has no apparent cause, it intensifies with time, or it occurs in addition to the other symptoms on this list, it’s time to call your doctor stat.

Heart attack symptoms in women

4 Cold Sweat each time you are Awake (and Menopause is not the issue)

Naturally, having any such thing as hot flashes and most people see cold sweats as hormonal fluctuations, but it may be more than that. It has been observed that breaking out in a sweat when there is no such strain from work or exercise; this might be a symptom of a heart attack.

5 To much of breathlessness after hopping up the Stairs.

Many times, due to the steepness of the Stairs, we may be quite breathless for several seconds after going up the stairs, but this is not always the case. If you do feel so much as a Panic attack, or too much loss of breath after the Staircase; then you should visit the Doctor. This is a great sign, but some Doctors has been known to write it off at the first instant; so be insistent and let them do more than assume.

6 Too much Nausea and no flu or pregnancy

Nausea is another very common sign associated with Heart attack, it may be related to many other diseases; but it is good to be completely aware of your body system; so that you can discern the difference. Never write off having Nausea as anything else without having that visit.

7  Lightheadedness

Consistent Nausea associated with dizziness or light head is another sign of heart attack; and is often seen in Women than Men, stay on the alert

Heart attack symptoms in women

8 Walking is a terrible business

This is especially important if you are usually a fitness freak; if you can’t efficiently walk about 20 miles (translates to walk around your neighborhood) without gasping for air; then this is a severe problem and should be investigated immediately. This is one of the dangerous heart attack symptoms in women that could result in serious calamity.

It is advisable for us to adopt the culture of regular medical checkups as this can throw up medical issues we weren’t aware of and avoid an impending heart attack. Heart attack symptoms in women is what every woman should know and also ensure that it is well managed.


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