Stop hating your boss: What to do when you can’t stand your boss

Do you have thoughts like, you hate your boss, and want to quit, you are not alone. Here are a few things you need to know before you take that step because you don’t really have to hate your boss. Here are tips on what to do when you can’t stand your boss.

One of the common issues employees have is their bad relationship with their employers or boss. Many people have sworn to hate their boss for life, which is relatable. Searching for a new job might look like the best solution to the problem, but it rarely is the right move. No matter how crappy your boss is, there are some other ways you can handle the problem.

Having a bad boss can be the ultimate pain. Many times they make their employees feel unappreciated for work that is being done and make them feel unprepared for upcoming challenges, and this makes employees feel total animosity for their bosses.

Hate Your Boss
Hate Your Boss

It is, however, not the responsibility of employers to be liked by their employees, but it’s essential to make employees feel successful in things they do and help them grow better. Everybody has a potential embedded inside of us. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. To maintain a good working relationship, we must learn to use our strengths more than our shortcomings.

Your boss needs you more than you can ever imagine

As an employee, you meet deadlines, make sales, and build the company through excellent and genuine customer interaction. Because when you don’t perform this task effectively, customers will rub it off on the company as being unable to meet their needs.

As a good employee, you get things done the first time correctly. Having to repeat a particular task over and over again does not give a good report about you. It paints laziness and incompetence in what you do. Always strive for excellence as this sets you apart.

Be the kind of employee that creates a positive working environment not just for himself but for the company, when every employee is doing what they have to do and doing it well, its boost the company’s morale. When you are not motivated to do what you’re to do effectively, you indirectly bring down somebody. Make the office feel alive and working towards a goal.

Build strong leadership skills

Be the kind of employee who has great leadership qualities that would make the company want to hire and keep long term. Great leaders fill future management positions, lead teams, and boost office productivity.

Develop yourself in social and emotional intelligence. It will boost your connection with your boss. You must also strive to become better at listening.  People who are active listeners don’t make mistakes. They get things done correctly and orderly. Be polite and ambitious, and develop strong work ethics. Aim to be the leader while you serve, and it will work better for you.

Don’t hate your boss but work for your driven purpose

Take a good look

Evaluate yourself, your boss, team, and even your department. Look at the work you do and objectively figure out the problem. You are no doubt fantastic at your job, but there might be some little things you can change to improve your work relationship. These things when we against what he or she wants, but with time they can help you change the grounds of your relationship. For instance, if your boss continually expects you at odd hours, gently set guidelines on when you will answer and stick to them rather than responding snappily.

Make Yourself Indispensable.

Understand the aims and objectives of the company.  Make sure you match your goals to those of the company. That way, you build your competence not only in your skill sets but the way you carry out that job. For instance, if your company has set objectives to be available 24/7 to the customers, you have to make sure your goals align with those; else you might stick out like a sore thumb

Understand the priorities of your immediate boss

Is your boss looking for a way to climb aggressively up the corporate ladder? Do they want to make all the wins?  When you become a person that thinks ahead and know what would come up next in your boss’s mind, and then he will see himself in you. He’ll begin to think you are alike, and that will get him closer to you. Your getting closer will ensure you hate your boss less.

Build your skills in communication.

Nobody likes to be left in the dark. Everybody wants the information to stay on track. When you update your boss with specific responsibilities left in his office, you’ll surely win his loyalty. He would trust you in the official decisions, and you may be appointed acting boss in his absence. Learning the right way to communicate is critical; speak confidently and be detailed in what you say. Effective communication is a good way to build good work relationships, which will reduce that made you hate your boss.

Know where your weaknesses lie

Do a frequent evaluation of yourself to know which angles are lacking and working on them. Be able to correct yourself. There may not be anybody to evaluate you genuinely, so only you can tell yourself the truth.

Respect your Boss.

Always remember, your boss remains your boss, no matter how knowledgeable you are or your age or what other things that makes you seem superior. You should also avoid going overboard with familiarity. Know to draw the line. Drop your pride and your arrogance. When you start feeling like a king, always remember the kingmaker has a more prominent role to play.

Apologize where necessary.

Recognize where you made mistakes and apologize and make amends; be the first to. It shows your honesty, sincerity, and seriousness towards work. Besides, you should also remember that your boss isn’t your friend or spouse, so you can’t wait them out or keep malice forever. To ensure that you do your job appropriately, get over that ugly scene as soon as possible.

Do your best to work together.

Working better with your boss helps strengthen relationships. Learn to see it as a partnership; your boss is your partner, then you will boost performance and succeed as the company belonged to you.

Be a proactive person.

Take the initiative with new projects. Be the first to try new things. That way, it shows your boss how passionate you are towards work, and then you will win his heart. Be smart and think ahead. Be able to handle multiple tasks and still do it effectively. Be open to opportunities, but don’t overload yourself with so many assignments, or everything will turn the opposite direction.

Remember important events in the life of your boss.

Events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries can be the single step to connect on a personal level with your boss. Don’t forget to show them that you care by going the extra mile about those informal activities.

If you try all of the things in this article and the hate your boss situation does not improve over time, or maybe their behavior worsens, then there’s no use staying under that umbrella of hate. Get yourself out. But remember to give it a trial first before taking that step. If you still love your job, look for similar positions, but don’t forget to check out the company culture of the new prospect. You don’t want to move from the frying pan into the fire.



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