I was given a pistol to protect ballot boxes in the 2019 Election- Edo party agent reveals sponsor

2019 Nigerian Elections

Sylvester Arikhan, a party agent in Edo State was arrested pretty recently. He had quite a lot of confessions to make.

2019 Nigerian Elections

Arikhan was said to have been given a pistol with the promise of N130,000 to protect ballot boxes during the 2019 Nigerian Elections. According to Sylvester Arikhan who is a 26-year-old man, he had accepted because he needed the money to move out of Nigeria.  While in an interview with Newsmen, Danmallam Abubakar, who is the commissioner in Edo state made these revelations to the news crew alongside parading the suspects.

According to Sylvester, he had hidden the pistol in his trousers in anticipation for violence but nothing had happened at ward 02, Unit 01 at Udomi Primary School in Irrua. He further said that he had hidden the gun and refused to return it because he had been paid only 10,000. He also added:

“After the election, we followed the ballot boxes and nothing happened, but I did not return the gun because I was paid only N10,000. I hid from Ehis. He is a bad guy. He tried to set me up. “When we attended a wedding, my friend brought N6,000 for me to buy bullets and fired some shots. I did so and gave the gun to Oboh Samurie to keep for me. Oboh took a girl to a hotel and the police arrested him after they found the gun on him,” he said 


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